Today’s Discussion: Judgements Distort The Rational Mind

Where Does Judgements Being Distorted and The Rational Mind Begin?

Over the past few day’s I’ve been thinking a lot about the impact of judgement and how it could ultimately effect your life. Here’s the story, for every judgement made do you not think it is an opportunity lost? Begin with the fact that judgements are just that. A judgement. An opinion or conclusion. Judgements can distort the rational mind in a millisecond.

You can look at it from the view point of victimizing yourself. If you think that the world views you in such a way then I suggest you are judging the world and yourself. What does this mean, you may be asking. Well, it shows that you’ve stopped yourself from any sort of growth while shutting out your ability to socialize. The rational mind shuts down under the belief that is being imposed upon it. “I’m a reject of society.” or “No one likes me because I’m (insert here).”

What this actually does is put your in a position to fail while also setting up a wall where you can not relate to others as much as they will not relate to you. Look at it from this perspective: the more you label the strong the divide. Each time the rational mind steps out of your way and judgement takes over we lose all senses. This is because there is no way to come back from irrational thinking without divine intervention. A negative thinking pattern is up to you to reverse.

Rationality can only start to form when you understand that the control is in your hands. You have the ability to determine how you feel about others just as much as they feel about you. Is this statement fully true? No. You can not satisfy nor determine what all people will think. That’s where I step in and say, be the best person you can be. As long as you are being the best person you can possibly be that eliminates half the battle. Raising the sense of accountability of your own actions along with being able to sleep at night without a negative thought.

Judgements Distort The Rational Mind

Aligning With Positive Thinking

Here’s where things get fun but also tricky. When you’re able to put judgement on the back burner many doors begin to open. You’re able to explore different ideas and even understand the possibilities in front of you. All of the sudden things start to make sense that may not have before. He’s an idea. Look at something that you can not tolerate today. Is it a relationship you’re in or an individual you have to encounter on a daily basis? Now, give yourself the chance to not assume. What if you’re not fully comprehending what is actually going on? Other’s are living a life of their own just as much as you are yourself.

While this ability takes time to form it can be instrumental in your development as a person. What starts to happen is, your mind opens up at the false belief system that you’ve formed over many years. Also, we begin to notice that we can form new opinions and even ones that we’ve maybe even disagreed with for years.

While all of this is happening you even give yourself the chance to start thinking positively. We both know what comes next, this has a trickle effect into your daily life. This is because when you form the habit of positive thinking it can have it’s outlets within every part of your journey. Start in one place and allow it to follow within others.

Question For The Day

Where can you start today with thinking in a more positive way? Are your judgements wrong and can you change the pattern in which you think?

These things never happen over night but I can assure you that when you start to work on them and bring them into the forefront of your mind. It starts to make sense. While it’s not possible to change yourself within a moments notice, you can decide to start now if you wish. Your judgements about yourself, the world around you and even within the embodied belief system you posses could change at any moment.

You are the ultimate decision maker in your own life. It is up to you to decide where to go from here.


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Written By: Will


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      I appreciate your constant support and even affirmation in the message I am working on through Tangible Triumph. I love to hear from you and without that it would be tough to continue writing. You are a huge influence on why and what I write. Thank you.

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      • Believe it or not we push each other…you have no idea how lonely I am when I don’t hear from you. Just like you, this site keeps me hopping like a cat on a hot tin roof. LOL. But know I am watching you always. Blessings and Peace.