Today’s Discussion: Why It’s So Important To Act Now

To Act Now, You Will Set Up The Future

When you sit down to ponder what you’d like to do with your life some tricky questions can come into play. A lot of the time I catch myself pandering the idea that things will some how just happen. A big part of our future is directly related to what we do today. So you might ask why it’s so important to act now, the answer is simple.

My Great Grandmother, bless her soul, would sit down with me all the time when I was younger. There was one thing that she said to me that I will never forget. “You’re never getting younger William. Do what you want now, don’t wait.” What a true tune to play as wrinkles start to develop on my face. Hindsight is 20/20 every time and I’ll tell you what, my young mind didn’t understand how important that statement was to a then 90 year-old woman. What a beautiful woman she was, with insight that was as sharp as a kitchen knife and slick like a fox.

Why It's So Important To Act Now

Why Does It Matter?

I’ll turn this story into a short one for the sake of time and you being able to reading this all. She raised 13 kids. 13. Through thick and thin and definitely troubles. Trials set upon trials and even through many of emergencies. She held on to her kids for a long time and took care of them the best she could. Being able to handle 13 kids is no easy task, and that was where her motto came in. “Do what you want now, don’t wait.” I can confidently say, each one of her children are successful human beings.

Being able to make things happen right now, according to how you want them to be done will help set you up for the future. Not looking back thinking, “Well, where did time really go?”

Question For The Day

What have you been holding back from because you feel like you don’t have the time? Are there things in life that you want to accomplish, right now?

Take a moment to reflect today because this could be the starting point of something great. You’re not getting any younger and I don’t say that to scare you but in hopes that it can put this whole writing into perspective. Take a moment to analyze where you are going with life and where you want it to be headed. Why are you holding back now?


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