Today’s Story: The Land Of The What If’s

“Drifting away into a deep slumber. My eyes are closed and dwelling on the fact the I may be soaring to another land soon. Pondering the thoughts of my day with pleasure and pain. The land of the What If’s is only a second away. You can almost feel it coming on as the body becomes stone cold, slowly being put into a mode of rest. Breathing becomes easy and the eyes shut softly to the voice inside of your own mind.

“Walk with me to a place where anything is possible.” She’s seducing me to go with her, Sleep is so beautiful. The land she takes me to is somewhere I long wished I could have stayed. Where anything is possible and if I wish to do something, I can.

Rustling leaves are to my left and it’s a light drizzle of rain. The mist is hitting my face and I’m looking out into the distance now. The pillow from behind my head dissolves and the blanket which covers me comfortably lifts away. We’re almost there.

A land where we can dream of but never go back to. Peace, harmony and consistency bleed into the very construct of each corner we may end up to. Love is found within just an arms reach. I never want to leave.

The Land Of The What If's

The Land Of What If’s Is What We Long For

It could be tough to imagine things always working out but some how that is the perception we take on most of the time. That’s not to say things should not be a certain way or that nothing should work out to our advantage but, the expectation could be immediately misleading. Hear me out, there’s nothing such as the perfect world. The world that we live in today is what it is and that is it. Your expectations are just that. Expectations.

The land of what if’s sounds like a beautiful place but is it actually obtainable? I’d like to think not. Here’s what it actually is, a place where we can pretend that the world doesn’t exist. A make believe scenario where we can bring ourselves to that will ultimately cushion the fall that we are on. A what if is a smooth way of saying, if only it was my way and no other way.

How ironic that we look to these situations as if they are to be that way. Nothing else matters in the land of the what if’s, only yours. Longing for a world that is a dream away but never to become a reality.

Question For The Day

If there a land you wish you could potentially get away to? Are there reasons why you can not see reality for what it is?

There’s a preconceived notion that our reality is the only one. When each day has a new rise in the sun, there is no reset button. Only a button that is pressed that says, “Go ahead and wake up. Continue on with your mission and where you had left off.”

We could try to get away to where we think we are right. Where we could imagine ourselves being the center of the planet and also where we bear the idea that this is ours for the taking. Where is this world?


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Written By: Will


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