Today’s Discussion: The Difference Between Advice and Criticism

What Is Advice?

So this is a summed up version of something that we can probably discuss at such a level to where it could get extremely complicated. To my understanding there is a difference between advice and criticism so let’s dive in.

Back up a little bit from your device and look out into the distance, if you can see. Is there something off over yonder that you can make out but not quite understand? A silhouette of a tree lined perfectly against the shadow of a bicycle creating the formation of a dragon. Scary thought!

With all of this in mind we both know there’s no dragon. I’m just saying there’s a dragon and my brain believes it. Momentarily until that logical spoken voice comes in and says, “Dude, you’re out there…” That’s advice. Sometimes we think something needs to be said, when it doesn’t.

By allowing your voice to be heard from a perspective of positive affirmation. With tender and care we can give advice that may even be hard to give or that we might not quite understand fully. The tone of your voice, your facial expressions and body language throw a completely different meaning into any and all situations that you can end up in. Let me offer another solid piece of advice. Leave the past where it belongs. Make what you are expressing, about now.

Try to give advice that you would give yourself, with an open heart and even opportunity.

The Difference Between Advice and Criticism

So, What Is This Criticism Word?

Criticism could be so easily confused and mixed in with advice. Have you ever read a critique on your favorite movie and some how this guy found a reason to not like the movie you’ve been watching for years. Sticking out like a sore thumb you’re reading this passage thinking, “What the hell is this about.”

Well, that’s how any person on the other side of the fence feels when your advice turns into criticism. The blinders go up and the ears shut off. The mind starts to race and all else fails to make an impact. Any voice of reason is gone.

I could define criticism and break it down into an elaborate story because well, that’s what I do. Here’s the thing, I’m almost sure I do not have to. The power behind what it feels like to be criticized is almost critical and mind numbing. There’s no empathy because it does not reign in the same field as criticism. Furthermore, there are no signs of connection and interaction that could be potentially positive. Hope is somewhat lost to have a constructive conversation.

Criticism is hell on earth and belongs somewhere in the back cupboard with the potatoes that you forgot to throw away last year. Damn fruit flies. But anyhow, think about it today. When you want to be a critic hittem where it hurts. But, be mindful who you critique and always remember the ones that you’re giving advice to should be heard.

Question For The Day

Can you evaluate your style of giving advice and maybe tweak how you offer it? Are you your own worst critic and could you potentially be softer on yourself?

Take into consideration what you’re doing today. Think about what you have to offer to others. “I am my own worst critic.” We’ve heard the expression over and over again. Drop that mindset and sit back and take a look in the mirror. It’s not that bad. There’s no reason to call yourself out for something that you haven’t even done. Don’t criticize yourself because it can almost be impossible to grow.


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