Today’s Story: Remain Open, Even When It’s Tough

“Some how the family dog was the best kept secret. He would prowl around and love everyone. Licking the faces of every person that walked through the door and even rubbing his head on a leg in sheer sign of affection. Then one day, a guest had walked through the door. Spark was on edge that day and began to bark! It was an unfamiliar face. How can you remain open, even when it’s tough?!

Kyle jumped and run for the door and Spark instinctively ran after him. Chasing Kyle to the door no longer in alarm but in hopes to play. Poor Kyle had no idea and had thought he was just about to be bitten because the bark sounded angry. Little did he know, it was a bark of playfulness and joy. If you don’t own a dog, it’s hard for you to understand.

Needless to say, Kyle didn’t want to come over our house anymore. In fear of Spark and what his defensive teeth could do! Look at those fangs and weird shaped mouth. Kyle remained closed at the idea of visiting for years to come. It was a sad but true story because now Kyle would be unable to meet the companion I’ve loved for many years. Ten to be exact. Spark offers comfort, love and joy. Unconditional love most humans have no ability to portray. That’s how Kyle never ended up being able to enjoy the love of something most will never experience, to this day.

Remain Open Even When It's Tough

To Remain Open, Even When It’s Tough Is Open-Mindedness

It could be such an easy task to get locked into one single way of thinking. In my daily reflection of myself I can be completely transparent and say it’s something I get stuck in way too often. There’s this thing that satisfies the brain when you tell yourself that you know that’s the answer. The formula is complete because I know so. There is no other way because this is how it’s always worked. You don’t know any better, who are you to tell me?

How negative the thinking pattern may be it’s such an easy place to start and end. You and I both know how hard it could be to step back and say, “You know what I might be wrong.” Or, “You know, there might be a different and better way to do this.”

Don’t allow yourself to be so guarded and closed off that you have no other way to express yourself. You will eventually close yourself off to the world and even suggestion. Improvement comes with realization that you can potentially learn new things, each and every day. Even things you think you already know!

Question For The Day

Can you remain open even when you think you’ve already got it all figured out? Are you able to take advice from others?

We might have it figured out but reinventing the wheel will never work. Some things tend to work extremely well while others may never work at all. If you’re in the middle of the road and just getting by who say’s just listening won’t contribute to your overall well-being? To remain open minded it to grow and prosper.

Don’t even fall behind because you think you’ve got it all figured out.


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Written By: Will

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