Today’s Discussion: Does Opinion Matter?

Opinion Is A Tricky Subject

Here we are yet again discussing something that could potentially be uncomfortable. If you don’t watch out podcast be sure to check it out. You can find us on almost any platform and we always go live on Facebook every Sunday at 8:45 A.M EST. Click Here to check it out. We talked about Judgement yesterday and with that came questions on opinion. Does opinion really matter?

Opinion ties closely to judgement with one simple change. Judgement is something that could potentially be engraved into the spectrum of forever while opinions may change. A judgement is an action that is based off of something that is not real but an action is still being made.

You might think that they are two in the same, which I had myself before having an in-depth conversation that really opened up my eyes. You could have the option to have an opinion and completely turn that off because you can to a degree control your own thoughts. When it comes to judgement that decision is prematurely made.

Can you imagine yourself having an opinion on something so complicated that you don’t even understand it? Picture this, your opinion doesn’t even matter. Judgement’s do. Judgement’s determine the type of expectations your have from reality. Real or not.

Does Your Opinion Matter

Be Distinctive In Your Opinion

Trust your own process so that you know it will never leave you. The option that you have will change continuously because life changes. Reality is in a constant motion that we do not fully grasp or comprehend. The rhythm of nature is there, always. There is a balance in life that will have its way if you like it or not. Consider the extreme power our universe possess. Ask yourself, am I the only contributing factor?

Having an opinion is okay when you’re able to come to the terms that, it doesn’t really have a bearing. There is no meaning to an opinion and they could potentially turn into judgments which must be carefully analyzed.

We have to remember one thing thought when it comes to judgement or opinion. In either case we must learn to be careful in the presentation of how it is given. Reality say’s once words or actions are taken they are there forever.

Question For The Day

How do your opinions for your day? Are your opinions truth or fictional?

We can make things up so easily and convince ourselves to believe them. Always remember that when it comes to a judgement or opinion we have to analyze them. Every thought that crosses the mind must be considered and then reconsidered. There is no one size fits all answer to any scenario or situation. You can fall victim to your own thoughts in a single moment.

Your opinion could change your life for the rest of your life or ruin another. Stay true to yourself an always keep in mind, your opinion doesn’t matter anyway.


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