Today’s Discussion: One Hand Washes The Other

And They Both Wash The Face

There’s a really important aspect to any relationship with family in particular. The people that you consider near and dear most, deserve the utmost respect. There is no reason to bash those you care for because what sense does that make at all. One hand washes the other and they both wash the face. The simplicity of it implies if you are close enough to an individual then you should be building them up.

Relationships work in a funny way with regards to a set of principles. You get what you give. If you are going to treat someone poorly chances are they will eventually stray far from you. This is in all hopes that you can not harm this individual again. What’s the result? They are no longer considered a part of you.

Now, on the other hand if you are to create a positive environment and treat this person the way they should be treated, with respect and positively we can assume the contrary. This person will definitely become more of a friend or family member. Being there for you when you need them most as you have done to them. Helping out when you have no other hands to be of assistance. Even lending a shoulder try cry on when you need it.

The joy related with relationships is something that should never be overlooked. A bond is created forever and should be look at as such. Something that you treat with care for the rest of your life.

One Hand Washes The Other

Question For The Day

How do you approach your relationships in life? Are you able to create harmony and balance within all relationships?

Take it seriously. When you are in a relationship with others no matter the context of the relationship, it should be treated with care. Never forget the importance of treating others how you want to be treated.

A bond is forever and should never be broken unless the principles are broken. Moral standards are something that create harmony and virtue within life itself.


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Written By: Will


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  • Love this post…I never understand why or how people can treat others so poorly and at times with disrespect. A great reminder to treat everyone the way we wish to be treated. Wish everyone could read this and live by it. Thank you!

    • Thanks for stopping in Michelle, sorry for the late response. Life has been busy! It’s my motto to treat everyone how I wanted to be treated. If you do not, then your image is only deteriorated. You lose respect, value and even the sound mind of knowing that you are a good person.

      You are welcome!

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