Today’s Story: The True Meaning To Your Bond

“Growing up things weren’t all that great for Shirley. You see, even though she wanted so bad for her mother to treat her right, somehow things always got mixed up. Anger was mixed with confusion along with the stress of wondering what were to come next. Always under the impression that for what ever reason she was already doing something wrong. Staying true to your bond was a struggle she had had for a long time.

Why was her mother like this? That was an answer no one had yet readily enough, everyone asked the same. Not just Shirley. Long days and even longer nights within the rampant rages that were shouted throughout the home. For some reason though, Shirley never turned her back on her mother. No matter the struggle or how hard it had gotten.

Her heart was soft and her mind was strong. Being able to separate the idea that what if her mother had something going on inside she would never understand. You see, you can not pick your family but does that eliminate the bond just because you feel unable to connect.

Shirley grew up side by side with her mother by creating a pillar for her to stand on. Though she had been put through hell and back her mother still meant the world to her. Everyday she would call in to check on her and get on with life. The bond had a true meaning at that was simple: No matter how you feel inside you never know what someone else may be going through.

Staying True To Your Bond

Staying True To Your Bond

Just like the story from today, my writing are about staying true to yourself and those around you. When it boils down to it you can either succumb to the destruction of someone else and give in to their idea of what you should be. Or, by taking a step back and realizing we have total control over what we do next with ourselves we can become something even better.

When we’re talking about family it is so damn hard to understand that people are who they are and that is it. We all know that things can become toxic within the blink of an eye and how troubling this sort of situation can become.

The conflict of many unanswered questions with the understanding that this is a bond that can not be broken. Family is family and that is forever. Do we hang on and keep on damaging ourselves or continue to adjust? Civility within the delicate nature of any relationship is mandatory. This helps in creating a balance in which you will feel comfortable just as well as those around you.

You can stay true to your bond while also keeping your distance. The tricky part with relationships is maintaining a healthy mental balance so everyone can operate normally. While you can not choose some of your family it is up to you to choose your approach to them.

Question For The Day

How do you approach your toxic relationships with those that you can not get away from? Do you handle these specific situations with any type of precision?

You know the old saying, there’s a method to the madness. This couldn’t be more true when trying to determine how to approach family members who could be potentially toxic. With certain relationships and individuals should we could either commit ourselves to navigating the water. Or, we could potentially lose the relationship forever.


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