Today’s Discussion: Is Family More Than Just Blood?

Family Can Be More Than Just Blood

You know I found it funny, I went to social media to ask this question. If family more than just blood? The response I got was extremely overwhelming. You would be surprised in what people had to say. One key component I found that people had considered an element of family was loyalty.

Family does not have any relation to the concept of being born into the same family. Let alone it does not have any ties to blood at all. The bloodline is just something that signifies that you were born within the same lineage. Curse me if I am wrong but family could potentially be the first people to turn on you when times get tough.

Here we have this word that should never be used loosely but is not used much at all. Family is a feeling the social beings that we are, thrive on. It is definitely something that we need and a missing piece of so many of our hearts. Humans are guarded and if you’re anything like me it’s tough to let people in at times in fear of being hurt or turned on.

Is Family More Than Just Blood

Loyalty Is Family

The ties that keep us together are the strongest bonds we can form and those are based off of loyalty. Over the week I’m going to discuss loyalty to an extreme sense of what it means and how to show it but, for today I just want to emphasize. Loyalty is IMPORTANT.

Question For The Day

I want you to think today, who do you consider family? Why do you consider them family?

This is not a hard question to answer. For me it is the first four or five people I can think of that I know truly care about me. These people are the ones who have an unconditional love for me and would never intentionally lead me into the wrong direction. Who are they to you?

Family is more than just blood, they are the ones who will unconditionally love you forever. With the full intent of seeing you succeed and become full.


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