Today’s Story: Happiness Is The Most Important Emotion

“Every time I walk to the grocery store I pick up on something different. The keen sense of awareness that the world is moving constantly has a trickle effect on my body and mind. I look at a dog and smile, for some reason he ceases to bark and wags his tail. The woman out front, sitting on the stoop to her home looks up, I smile. Her immediate response is to smile back. Happiness is the most important emotion, it’s contagious at that.

As I look down towards the ground again it’s as if there is a story untold through each crack of the pavement. Somehow it’s like the roots of a tree that are so far deeply embedded into the ground it’s as if the tree had always stood there. Happiness is something that is hardwired into our entire existence. It is our universal language.

Is there happiness every where? Of course not. The nearest alley way I peer into is dark, cold and mysterious. It gives me the chills each time I allow my gaze to peer down into it. Sometimes I see an old drunk slouched over waiting for his next drink. Other times the tumble weed of garbage blows through an empty passage way. Happiness definitely does not dwell within the depth of what we can consider purgatory.

However, if one were to take a moment to bring light to this alley, would it not respond back with even more light?

You tell me.”

Happiness Is The Most Important Emotion

The Most Important Emotion Is Happiness

We tend to forget that a smile can bring about another smile almost immediately. When someone is having a bad day, you or I could make a direct impact with just a smile. Even words of encouragement work and best of all to have these exchanges cost nothing at all. Happiness is contagious and could be brought with you anywhere you go.

The ability we posses to turn any situation into a good environment or negative environment is almost undeniably divine. Each one of us has the opportunity to mold any given moment into what we feel it should be. If we are feeling sad, in distress and angry then I suggest the rest of the day will be fully consumed in those emotions. Yet, if we bring a motive of positive vibes and happiness will that not follow us for the day?

The most important emotion we posses is happiness in itself. It has the ability to take something bad and make it good. There is a magical power that it has to turn darkness into light. Shining the power rays of virtue and comfort opposed to negativity and anxiety.

Question For The Day

How do you feel about creating a better environment for yourself through means of displaying happiness?

Trust me when I tell you, you make the bed that you lay in. If it is one full of harmony and consistency you have no choice but to lay in peace. We all reserve the right to be happy and it all starts within the core of our own existence. No one will do it for you however you can help influence the world around you to become a happier place to live within. While you are navigating throughout your day today ask yourself, am I being the best person I can be today?

Happiness spreads with a smile, a nod of affirmation or even just a wink of approval. It is our universal language. A simple gesture could change someones life forever.


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Written By: Will

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