Today’s Discussion: Use Sadness To Do Even Better

How Can Sadness Be Used To Do Better?

Sit back and think for a minute, have you ever considered yourself lost and given up due to being upset with your current circumstances? I think most of use have definitely been sad at one time or another in life. I’m here to tell you to use sadness to do even better. There is no reason you should use negative emotions against yourself to dig a hole deeper than you may already be in.

Many times we find ourselves struggling with the death of a loved one, a relationship that we’ve been clinging on to for years or even grieving over the loss of a job we had cherished. These are all unfortunate events but things we must learn to process through life as they will continue to happen. Sadness can be turned around so that we can use it to our advantage, let it set a fire within.

Motivate yourself to do even better, to deserve better so that you can become an even better version of yourself. Become even more ambitious than you already. Do not let those ones lost down to prevent going into a depressive funk that could ruin your life. Work towards getting a better position at an even better job! The possibilities are endless!

Use Sadness To Do Even Better

Question For The Day

Can you start your day with writing down a few things about yourself that you love? Are you able to overcome sadness by realizing it’s a normal process of life?

We all become sad and you can overcome sadness by realizing that it is a normal process to go through within life. The harsh reality is that because we are all here and interacting with each other you can not avoid any emotion. The truth behind it is that you can process emotion how you wish but the best way around them is to practice a good digestion process of the emotions you desire to go through.

Hold yourself accountable to the emotions you feel. It could be difficult at times but with a simple reminder you can realize all of the good you have to offer. Not only will this bring a sense of accomplishment but also happiness. Look for a reason to be happy. Ponder the idea that if you just continue forward good is inevitable.

Sadness comes in all shapes and sizes. Just remember it is up to you on how you process this emotion. Let it run like a river to the open mouth of the ocean. Seeping into the abyss that is a concoction of all and not just one.


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