Today’s Story: The Negative Impact of Anger

“The child who lets anger get to them while still growing can show the immediate signs of the negative impact. Taking a toy from a fellow playmate only to get whacked two seconds later with the other block. The end result being how two cheerful comrades turn on one another within a split second. The negative impact of anger almost immediate.

Think of a scenario for a minute, one that we can all relate to:

Here we have two individuals we can call Kim and Mark. Kim and Mark are long time partners and decide they want to go into business, together. They open the doors to their establishment after months and months of work. To no avail it seems things will finally work out! There is only one problem. Mark feels as if he is the forefront provider of the business, he built the entire establishment. Is he wrong?

Here’s the thing, without proper acknowledgement the angers slowly steeped into the bones of a soul who had no reason. How he had began to forget Kim dealt with all of the emotional stressors of actually starting a business. The mental impact of making sure the numbers added up right and even going to the extent of being sure they were connected within the community.

One day there was a catastrophic blow out, one that was easily avoided. Kim was working nonstop to keep the customers happy and Mark was always repairing something that broke. It was no ones fault really, but here we have two lovers and business partners at each other’s throat. For reasons of anger blinding the true meaning of the partnership and the quality work they had both put forth.

The Negative Impact Of Anger

Anger Can Negatively Impact Any Situation

Anger is such a tricky emotion to conquer and could be one that has a lasting effect. Think of all the times that you may have said something that you had not wanted to. Or, potentially made choices that you had not wanted in the heat of the moment because your blood was boiling so hot. It’s something that happens to all of us. There’s no way we can have a hold on our anger if we simply refuse to recognize it.

There are certain emotions that our ego can get in the way of and if we want to be honest here, anger is one of them because we want to be right within the moment. That’s only one example but we could even get angry to the point where we have thought we were right just to prove a point. Think of a child who feels excluded but really is not excluded. It’s just a feeling.

Don’t allow the moment to take over your entire being giving it the capability to destroy what you have for yourself. It will deteriorate your happiness, success and even how you feel about yourself. The negative successors of anger are many with hardly any positive outcome.

Question For The Day

How has anger done you wrong in the past? Are there times that you wish you could go back to, just so that you can make a better decision?

One of the biggest things anger does is cloud judgement almost immediately. I know when I get mad my thought process goes right out of the window. I have no capability to calculate any decision I make there after accurately. My logic is lost and there is no observation, awareness or thought put into the next few moments that I walk through.

Remember to breathe, think and observe. It’s the only token you have to creating something positive out of anger.


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Written By: Will


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  • Spot on Will. Coincidentally, a ministerial associate and I were discussing this very subject today. In the conversation it was noted how toxic anger can be and how it can branch out into other negative acts. That’s why the bible says Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath… Blessings and Peace.

    • Hey Claudia!

      The thing is anger could be used as a positive notion, with the right attention. But most of the time people tend to use it in such a negative ways that it is almost inevitably able to impact your life on a negative plain. It’s all in how you use your emotions and most of the time people have a tough time using them in the right manner.

      Have a great weekend!