Today’s Discussion: Do Not Let Emotion Get In The Way

Emotion Can Get In The Way

On a constant basis the brain works in a way where we can potentially feel things at any given moment. It’s up to you to control and have a grab on what you’re feeling and how you’re feeling. With just a slight movement you can make the conscious decision to not let emotion get in the way. It is something that can influence you to make decision’s that could change the path of your life forever.

When it comes to anger, sadness or even happiness we can be heavily influenced to make a choice based solely on how we feel at any given moment. I’m not telling you to stray away from these feelings but be sure to have a solid hold on how they are impacting your decision making process. At times these emotions can have a positive pull while in other situations they can help you make the wrong choice in a split second.

Do Not Let Emotion Get In The Way

Question For The Day

When have you allowed your emotion to get in the way? Were there times that emotion had helped you make the right decision? The wrong?

Take a minute today to reflect on moments where emotion were extremely heavy for you. Decide if better choices could have been made or if these emotions helped in a positive way. I’m not here to tell you that emotions are bad, because they are not. We just need to be in tune with them enough to make decisions not based on how we feel but with an attention to the proper steps to be taken.


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Written By: Will


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  • Hi Will — Negatives stick like glue. This has been known but not followed by me for decades. I have seen but not dealt with the negatives and have allowed them to dictate my day. I don’t really want to look and see how many days I have lost to the battle. Lies are powerful. I had a friend who used to say every time she saw me, “Believe only the truth.” A good, solid reminder. I spent a good deal of time analyzing and being critical of myself in the analysis. It has happened so many times. So, what a good post. I’m writing a memoir currently and looking at past journals and all the levels of pain I held and believed. So, this message you’ve written. It is SO CRUCIAL. I have found that speaking affirmations which are misaligned with what I believe about myself is a means to “speak the truth” and begin to build in the positive. Anyway, keep up the good work. Change the world one thought / one choice at a time.

  • All we can really do is look at today. If you can go to sleep knowing that you did your best I don’t see any problem with that. We always must reflect on our emotions and if there is a different way to handle any given situation, we should try that next time. There’s nothing wrong with going through trials that is what makes us stronger. Thanks for such a positive comment have an awesome evening!

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