Today’s Story: Keep Yourself In Check

“A tiger on the hunt looks so helpless and comfortable as it sleeps. The second prey comes within a reasonable radius of the savages home the mode of fight or flight kick in. Like the tiger you must keep yourself in check. The tiger will sprint to kill and take down anything which invades it’s territory to protect it’s offspring and to feed for hunger.

Think of what you see in the offspring of monkey’s. They intentionally watch their tribe in hopes of understanding how to operate properly. Taking in the use of tools such as a stone to break open the shell of a walnut.

How about for instance, the delicate swim of a swan within the open water of a pond, free of breeze and nothing but steady waters. Try to get near one of them, I dare you. You won’t see what is coming until it is too late and with many regrets you may walk away with.

How we can get so far from who we are is still a mystery but this I can tell you. Following the path you wish to embark on is the beginning of a journey you must stick to.

Keep Yourself In Check

Remind Yourself To Keep Yourself In Check

It could be so easy to loose sight of your goals, ambitions and the understanding of whom you’ve become or who you currently are. At a moments notice when you look away from the true intentions of virtue all sight could be lost. Think about it for a minute, are there habits you have formed that you have fallen far from? Things in a past life you wish you had stuck to because it was the best decision you’ve made of your life.

I’ll say this once today and hopefully it soaks in, don’t take your eyes off of the prize, you know who you are. When you lose yourself there can be a sense of uncertainty that will taint the rest of the day. When we set our feet firm into the ground to gain a step forward it’s with full intention of becoming a better person for if it weren’t what is the purpose?

Knowing who you are takes courage and the wisdom to assess yourself properly with confidence. Make a list today of all of your pro’s on con’s. Analyze the results and be one with yourself so that you can understand, you are your own best friend. Don’t leave it up to the flip of a coin to decide that you will be your own worst enemy.

Question For The Day

Do you allow life events to turn you into someone that you know that you are not? Are you able to maintain the image that you wish to live by?

It’s so easy to allow anger to remove you from your character and moral standards. It could be extremely easy to lose the values that you live by if you are not paying close attention to them. One of the things I do my best to live with is integrity and virtue. They both work in harmony for me and if I lose one, then the other is lost because they are so closely related. Just remember to keep yourself in check. Understand your values.

Be the constant reminder of whom you ought to be for the world will test you when you least expect it. If you are still like the open water a pebble is for sure to drop through and cause waves. But there is a shore to protect you from any more unwanted turbulence.


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Written By: Will

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