Today’s StoryGetting Outside of Your Comfort Zone

“Things seem the same everyday, you know? Almost as if life is just a constant blur.” Jerry spoke out loud into the mirror. Jerry was a man of few words and showed up to work on time everyday. He might even had been considered a little too punctual. He was there before everyone got there and stayed after everyone had left. Getting outside of your comfort zone was not within Jerry’s vocabulary.

There was one problem; Jerry woke up everyday and felt as if there wasn’t much to live for. His sense of direction was already predetermined. Everything was set in stone, better yet because he knew what he was doing, excitement was hardly come across. We all know the song Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

After much thought and reflection Jerry had been caught off guard by one of his colleagues. “Jerry?” Stan approached with caution. “Yeah?” Jerry said with a stoic expression. “Why do you always look so unhappy all the time?”

That’s when it happened. Shit hit the fan, for lack of a better expression. Jerry saw it coming a mile away. For the last ten years. Everything constantly in its place and nothing changing because the world Jerry lived in was so comfortable.

Need I finish the story? You and I probably both know what happened next. Jerry went on his way home and sat down to think long and reflect. He had to get outside of his comfort zone to experience the world so he could see what it had to offer.

He booked a flight to Japan and his life had not been the same since.

Getting Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Chances Are Slim If You Stay In Your Comfort Zone

This could be one of the most trivial and important task you could sensibly set forth to yourself. Of course we speak of routine and how important it is but, on occasion too much routine could potential dampen life itself. Here’s the funny thing about life, there needs to be a constant balance. Without a balance we could possibly lose everything we had built for ourselves and continue toward a destructive path. Too much consistency could be a danger.

Getting outside of your comfort zone will expose you to the world around you so that new ideas could form. That is where we develop new relationships and even stronger bonds with people that we may not have come across before. Learning new ways to live and even exploring lands unseen. Being uncomfortable means that you are creating new pathways within the brain to live by.

How easy it is to fall into the trap of monotony and the risk we face of being unable to grow. Being too comfortable presents us with the opportunity to halt any success we may be reaching for. You have to understand something, as much as we want to be comfortable we must face life’s challenges with confidence.

We could sit back and think of a child that is learning to walk. If the said child falls and scraps his knee then decides not to walk again because there is an established sense of fear from falling, will he ever walk again? I’d beg to differ and say if that were the case we would have a society full of people using their arms as legs.

Get Out There and Be Different

Get out there and be different. Discover new ways to live and visit areas which you have never explored. This helps you with finding opportunity that you may have never crossed paths with before. Follow the water and live your dream. Drink from the fountain that supplies virility and virtue.

Not once have I personally come out on the other end of the spectrum after battling an issue on the down side. If you power through to conquer your fears, you become a better person.

Question For The Day

If you could do one thing today that you wish you had done a long time ago, what would it be? Is there something that you can change today that will get you outside of your comfort zone?

Put yourself to the test today and make up your own challenge. I don’t care how small or big it is. It doesn’t have to be revolutionary or even put into a sense where you feel accomplished by this huge passing. Just set up a goal that will take you outside of your comfort zone because to feel uncomfortable is to gain traction.

Once you realize that making a single change can cause a latter effect on your entire quality of life we begin to establish a sense that anything is possible.

You are free to go anywhere you please where the wind may carry you. The world is full of endless possibility so long as you are willing to venture out and find them.


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Written By: Will

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