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“On the road again, looking for some comfort in knowing the path traveled was well worth it. Sometimes I feel as if the progress made goes unnoticed and under the radar. How far from the truth that could be. We all get wound up in these thoughts as if did I do all that I should have? And so the journey begins again on the path we’ve set forth to.

The battle we fought was long and hard. At times we struggle to hold it together and remember everything that was sacrificed along the way. We defeated the enemy and conquered new land. What else could they want?

But then there’s the sergeant who always say’s, “You woke up today and so the journey begins again, never forget lad’s, this way is not for the weak.”

There’s day’s I have to remain silent and just remember that I am my own biggest fan. The family that relies so heavily on me is one that I must push through to see. The battle is over and it has been won. That doesn’t mean I won’t face new challenges.

God Bless and See You on the other side.

Signed: Private Benton


And So The Journey Begins

And So The Journey Begins

The path that we set out on is one that never stops. There is never enough credit, time or praise to be reminded constantly that you are doing the right thing. That comes from within the heart and something that you should remind yourself on a daily basis. You can and will continue to do what you must to conquer everyday challenges.

There is no journey we set forth on that will be easy and perfect. It’s wild to think that there will be more to come at pivotal moments but hear me out, you can do it. Our journey is a never ending one where the road looks long and when you look back, it could almost seem as if you’ve traveled no where.

When we’re on the open road looking towards to future that is the best image we can implement. It creates a sense of security knowing that you can determine and dictate the turns that you take from here on out.

Question For The Day

Should you remind yourself that you are on the right path, consistently to remember where you’re going? Do you have what it takes to continue forward even when you feel as if hope is lost?

There’s a certain way we can handle this situation because it could be detrimental to the success we achieve. You must treat yourself as you would treat others in any given situation so that you can continue to move forward with a positive attitude. Positive affirmations work very well along with being consistent with habits so that you can continue to remain on the journey you’ve set forth onto. The right path will present itself to you and it is up to you to figure out how you can remain on it so that you can conquer the things you wish to.

Don’t forget the journey never ends, keep your eyes on the prize. You are a winner.


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Written By: Will

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