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“The one who waited their entire life to begin a new found project. To those who have yet to find the time to scavenge through their positive traits to make a better tomorrow. Yet some how we fail to remember that we must assume responsibility today. How naive it is to think that being lost is a good thing and will create a path to win.

Here we are yet again faulting at the hands of what to do next. Let me tell you from personal experience. If you wait, it will never happen. To climb a mountain you must first prepare for the climb and then get to it. There is no waiting.

What ever it is that you want to conquer never forget to take the action now for if not it will never happen.”

Assume Responsibility Today

Assume Responsibility Today

It’s a tough concept to grasp but how can we expect things to come our way if we do not assume responsibility. We talk about it all the time, it is okay to trip and fall but what about getting back up? Action is required at all times resulting in the ability to conquer the path that you have set forth on. Have the knowledge to remember that not everything will be perfect. There is no better time to start than now.

Even when things go wrong that you have no control over who’s fault may it be? God and the Universe will not set you up with anything that you can not handle. At the end of the day when we lay our head to rest we are the controllers of our own path. What you decide to do with the cards that you are handed is completely up to you.

Action takes wisdom and patience to create what you must with what you have. Are you ready to take on the challenge?

Question For The Day

Are you willing to make what you have work, in your own benefit? Can you and are you willing to take the action required, today?

There is no time to wait and nothing like the present. What we are presented with is open opportunity on a daily basis to create and make what we want out of what we have. The motivation to continue forward starts from within. The courage to complete the next assignment comes from the will power of the beholder.

Having the knowledge to make use of what is in front of you today for a better tomorrow should be the only focus on the table at the very moment that we posses.


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