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“There was a young lad who could never be wrong. Within moments of pride, ego had gotten in the way. Moments of being wrong yet then somehow the ability to evade responsibility had become prevalent. What is hubris you may be asking yourself. Let us break it down in this story I will begin to tell.

Jake couldn’t hold down a stable job because on every occasion his boss seemed to be the one in the wrong. The young entrepreneur was great at everything he had done so in the midst of the chaos at work his best case scenario was to walk around as if he were above the rest. When it cam down to missing an important phone call or meeting it managed to a miraculous exchange of events that Jake had not participated in.

How was all this possible? We all know it’s extremely easy to evade responsibility when self-confidence gets in the way of self-reflection. A ladder of events could be the fault of others and not yourself, right?

Jake was on his way towards a road that was unhealthy and hard. You can not overcome the trials of life if pride and ego get in the way. It is nearly impossible.”

What is Hubris

What is Hubris?

Hubris could be considered a few different things. Oblivious to the outside world. Arrogance among daily interactions within the environment that you explore. Being so wrapped up in pride that you forget that others are involved in life just as you are.

Or, we can even define it exactly as what it is: excessive pride or self-confidence. This one can be hard to take on through understanding and how it can directly effect you. With hubris you can almost unintentionally continue through life possessing this quality without even realizing it. It can be wrapped up in the thought process or how you interpret the world.

Here’s where we get lost so far down the path that we have a hard time coming back, you do not realize you are doing it at all. Not listening to the moral of the story because you can not recognize the message that is being presented. Being unable to see that a situation that you have put yourself through is actually the demise of what you were trying to accomplish. The inability to take advice because you already know the answer.

Let us hold ourselves accountable today for how we take in what we see in the world.

Question For The Day

When you look for answers are you attending to the individual understanding that help you push forward and learn? Are you willing to listen to others instead of being worried about having the right response?

The world can either mislead you or guide you to the end path. Looking for results and taking them with pride and confidence is one thing. To take it to the head and allow it to inflate your ego is a whole story we don’t want to tell. Not only will it impact your relationships but it can also eliminate your success. It will halt growth and even put a stake into the ground where you once had a firm understanding.

Move forward and let life do its work with teaching you and others to be wise.


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Written By: Will


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    • Thank you Claudia. I’m doing my best to keep up on my writings. Balancing time at this very moment has been an extreme struggle for me.

      Have a great day!
      Will 🙂

      • Wow, you sound just like me. I was telling an associate the other day I have got to focus on time management like never before. It seems sometimes we are too easily distracted in the course of a day. Blessings and Peace.

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