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“It all started with a vision. A well written story and dream that seemed as if it could potentially become a reality. As elegant as the ocean swimming on it’s own. As the wind physically breathes on it’s own. Looking forward to creating a fluent system where dreams can become a reality. It all starting with setting a daily reminder.

Writing became something that was used as a tool. The ability to convey the thoughts on to paper which in return made it tangible. Possessing the ability to literally transfer dreams into something that would be able to be proof that anything is possible.

It all started with a pen and piece of paper.

Setting A Daily Reminder

Constructively Setting A Daily Reminder

One of the best things you can do is hold yourself accountable. That starts off with being able to present yourself with something that is tangible, real and reasonable. There’s no better way to grab a hold of what you want by writing it down on a piece of paper.

When you’re able to write things down and reflect on them the sense of accomplishment is unreal. You can set up reminder for yourself on a daily basis that have to do with anything you want. Set a daily goal so that you can sense accomplishment when you check off the box as done. Start up a gratitude journal so that you can embark on a journey that will help you become grateful for the world around you. Schedule breaks throughout your day so that you can have alone time and become more centered with yourself.

Being able to set reminders can potential change the entire course of your life. With one simple stroke of a pen things could be different. As simple as the world is that we live in today you can even pick up your phone and speak reminders into existence.

Question For The Day

Where can you begin to hold yourself accountable for what you do with your time? Are there reminders you can set for yourself that will improve the quality of your life?

Do not forget about your own well being and your personal connection to the world around you. Take in to account that you must feel as if you’ve accomplished things along with those around you. It’s easy to forget what you’ve done and how long and far you have come. Allow your inner workings to understand what you need to remind yourself on a daily basis. That is how you can carry yourself along the way with confidence to continue on going.


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