Today’s Discussion: Easy Is Not An Option

How Do You Make It Work?

It’s tough to have the right response when you’re impulses get into the way. Easy is not an option and to speak up before you think is easy. Take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Understand why what you go through forms who you are today. The experiences that you have lead up to who you are today.

If you always do what you have always done, are the results going to be any different? I’d propose an answer that we all just thought at the same moment, while I write this and you read it. No. We can always choose to easy road but then what is there to look back at with a sense of accomplishment. However you want to perceive it is left up to you but, with today comes a chance to start the rest of your life, how you see it.

Things are going to get hard, you will struggle. The path will not always be direct and up front but rather rigid and scary. Focus will be lost but it is up to you to remind yourself to stay on track. You make it work with one simple thing and that is consistency. Consistency is not easy. It is a trivial task that needs a constant boost.

Easy Is Not An Option

Consistency Can Change Your Life – Easy Is Not An Option

If you’ve taken this long journey with Tangible Triumph and myself, you’ve heard this one before. My dad had always had a saying, “Persistence wears down resistance.” Something that has stood by my side for most of my child hood and a majority of my adult life. If you fail today, tomorrow is another chance to win when you get back up and try a new way.

Do not leave the world an open platform to come at you any way it see fit. You will be left on your bottom looking up wondering what swept you off your feet so quickly. Continually think to yourself what you can add to the room you are building today. Easy is not an option. Building yourself up takes time and dedication. There is no right answer but doing nothing at all is definitely not the right one.

Learn to give yourself a chance. Say it with me, “I can make it happen, if I set my mind to it.” Doesn’t it feel good? The blood rushes to the brain and the heart feels the sense. In everything that you do, remain consistent.

Question For The Day

What are things that you want to accomplish that require consistency? Have you given up on a path that you would like to get back on to?

Just because you fail at one thing does not mean it is not right for you. Do some serious reflection. What do you want out of life? If it be that job promotion and you just can’t seem to see it coming, remind yourself that consistency is key. Do not choose the easy route and give up.

Take the day today to focus on your smallest goals and dreams. What will it take for you to see them as accomplished? Have you given up or are you willing to win today?


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