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“On a path that has many different directions we can almost assume that the position we place ourselves in is undetermined. One day a young man was faced with the challenges of life. Uncertain where to go and what to do. Consciously walking but never seeing where he had been going. His teacher had looked at him one day and said, “Are you ready to take the test of accountability?”

Perplexed by the question and idea he wasn’t really sure what his teacher meant. But, he had sat there in silence. Looking in the mirror. For he had realized that the teacher was himself. It would be like you or I looking into the mirror and asking ourselves, what next?

Accountability goes a long way if you allow it to, are you ready to change your entire way of thinking?”

Take The Test Of Accountability

Take The Test Of Accountability

Accountability can be considered for you one of the most important abilities you will ever posses. Instead of passing the buck along down the line you have to stop some time and realize that this world is your’s for the making. We make the decision to do well when we wake up. Even getting to the point of habit, your habits are formed by what you continuously do on a daily basis. The words in which you express yourself form the person that you are going to be. The clothes in which you dress in will be the perception in which the world sees.

We can disagree or agree on this one thing but you will never change my mind. Life is what you make it and it starts with saying, “This is my responsibility.”

Take the required action to complete what you want to happen within life itself. Continue to walk within the steps that you choose and if something goes wrong we can simply say, “It was my fault.”

Move forward and continue on to becoming the righteous person that you can be. Allowing time to pass with the right kind of motion that is required to conquer the challenges of life.

Question For The Day

Are you good with taking the accountability required to better your life? Are you able to take the responsibility of your actions?

Do not allow yourself to become full of yourself in the sense that you know all because that will determine something, you will not be able to grow. When faults arise take it into consideration. Propose a change or even rather, the action that will make things better or aimed into a direction of result.

Always look for results and never pass up a chance to change your own life.


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Written By: Will

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