Today’s Discussion: The Golden Rule

Do Good Wherever Possible

It seems easy but we all know how hard it can truly be at times. You have to do good whenever possible. Growing up I know most of us have heard of the golden rule. Treat others how you want to be treated. When it seems as if you do not have an answer on how to approach a situation take a step back. Ask yourself how you would want another to interact with you based under the same circumstances.

You can improve the quality of your life with one change in your everyday habits. Be good and do good. It’s really that simple. Considering there may be times where emotions get involved take a deep breathe and continue forward. The only set backs we have are the ones that we lay for ourselves. You need to take responsibility for how you approach the world around you. There is proof over and over again that if you choose to treat others how you want to be treated the reactions you get change.

To accomplish things within the real world you must bring the best version of yourself along for the ride. No one wants to give you a chance if you’re not in top notch attitude, form and display. No, don’t fake your appearance but rather be who you are suppose to be. We are all human within the same way, we want to achieve things and have our goals met.

Whenever life presents you with the opportunity to do good. I say go for it. Watch your life change right before you very eyes.

The Golden Rule

Question For The Day

Where can you improve your quality of life by changing your reaction? Are there times when you could have made an opposite decision to display a better outcome?

Don’t forget that an action creates a reaction. A cause and effect momentum to where you can truly decide the outcome of any situation depending on how you react to it. Don’t leave your life up to fate or destiny. Decide where you want to plant your own two feet and remember that you choose where the next foot goes.

It is a huge display of humility when you understand how to interact with each situation based on how you would feel if the same were being done unto you. It’s almost as if you actually posses the power to look at a realm within a third person point of view. Understanding what you need to do and how it should be done so that you can present the world and universe with the best version of yourself.

Leave the right impression so that you are able to go back anywhere that you’ve been. Reaping the benefits of being a good human being.


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Written By: Will


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  • Will, great video. Golden rule, do on to others as you would be done onto you.

    Be good and do good. Love how you explain atoms. We are children of the one divine.

    I think we, the have the courage to go the other way of the crowd , then the crowd is going in the wrong way.

    Be good always – I so agree.

    Humility. Be humble and respect all. Humble is to listen and be kind. When I am full I am humble, my ego doesn’t get in the way.

    Fab video.

    Loved it

    • Thank you Sir!

      Hope all is well I have not seen your for a while.

      You are entirely right we are the children of divine. The essence of our being is interconnected with those around us.

      If we do go the other way it is entirely possible that it is the right way and has been the entire time.

      Ego tends to have a drastic change in any situation and any given moment. I am at a constant battle with my ego at times where I have to check it on a minute by minute basis.

      Thanks for watching the video and I hope you are well!

      Have an amazing day!

  • Love the last sentence…Leave the right impression so that you are able to go back anywhere that you’ve been. Reaping the benefits of being a good human being.Imagine if we all did this?? Thank you!