Today’s Discussion: What is Humility?

Let’s Break It Down

Check it out, what is humility? Humility is the state in which you are being humble. So what does it mean to be humble? A hard question to ask if you’re reading my book and even more difficult to decipher. Hear me out, even portraying the act of being humble is a difficult task. Let’s dig a bit deeper with the definition of Humble: not proud or haughty not arrogant or assertive.

Come with me while we digest this for a minute. To not be proud you may ask is almost eliminating the sense of having any importance at all. But, with that being said haughty simultaneously follows the statement of being proud. For those of you wondering what in the hell haughty means it’s the act of showing as if you are approaching things arrogantly from a superior standpoint.

To me this sounds as if you are almost showing no respect for your fellow members on planet Earth. I know we’ve all bumped into those people who some how believe they are the center of the universe and that is final. If you are one of them, I am sorry.

Benefits of Showing Humility

Let me ask you this, do you care what others think of you? Of course we can take this to the extreme and develop an unhealthy habit but honestly, do you? You should just as much as you care about how you look when you leave the house in the morning. Each step we take is another step in the right direction if we consider the thoughts of others.

Humility is a strong asset to posses and a foundation that is set apart from an aggressive overly inflated sense of self. With humility comes empathy and with empathy comes understanding. When you understand those around you no matter the position you hold or the possessions you may have, it can put a whole new meaning to the label of life.

Being humble helps attract those around you. It instills the fabric of being a good mentor and a phenomenal leader not only in your own life but within the lives of others. Boasting and bragging only get you so far in life. You can only sell a dream to someone once. I know we’ve all dealt with a used car salesman.

Take the benefits of feeling human and being humble with pride. Not arrogance. You will be able to understand why people act the way they do and even begin to influence others once you’ve influenced yourself to live a better life.

What Is Humility

Question For The Day

What can you do today to step back from the direct vision of life? How can you approach a situation from a different stand point to be more understand and less about self and more about we?

There’s one thing I think most of us forget from time to time. We are all human. We are in this together. Just because I am wrong does not make you right. It doesn’t make you wrong either. The beautiful thing about the world that we live in, if it is within our reach it is ours.

Step outside of the spectrum today and take an approach that say’s, “Hey, I understand.”

Be a part of something bigger than you. Stand with us and spread the word of positivity. Life. Inspiration. Motivation. Lead the world into becoming a better place to live in. One step at a time.


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