Today’s Discussion: Problem Solving Made Simple

There’s a misconception that is wildly distributed as a fact. Many are lead to believe that problem solving is a subject and matter that is difficult to handle. If we can address a few beliefs we can potential change your mind around to see that we can turn this thought around. Here is how problem solving can be made simple:

Understanding Of Conflict

Conflict is not necessarily a negative thing and to solve problems sometimes we may have to take conflict head on. Here’s the reason, negotiation needs to happen when it comes to coming up with a plan that works. Needless to say, I can say that an important step to understanding this is to realize, there should be no connection between fear and conflict.

While attempting to solve issues that we all deal with in life once you begin to connect fear to that situation certain parts of the brain can immediately shut down. Reasoning goes out of the window because we enter the fight or flight mode. Suddenly the ability to listen and perceive is abandoned so that the thought of an immediate solution can arise.

Let me tell you, there is no easy solution the any problem. We can only narrow it down to making the decision making process as simple as possible. Understand that conflict is a healthy practice when displayed in the right manner. That does not mean to become aggressive or forceful in ones belief of the solution.

Take the time to realize conflict in a vital component to conquering the challenges and problems in life. With a healthy mind set and the ability to take constructive criticism will only help build yourself up. Creating character and the realization that you can reflect on yourself with a positive outcome.

Displaying a Balance of Integrity and Confidence

With that being said to problem solve effectively we all know that the right choice to be made is the ultimate goal. While we may have to do things we may not like there can be a ground that we stand on that can have an effective solution. Just because we may have to make a choice to solve a problem that may potentially impact another area of our life does not mean it is not effectively completing one task.

A healthy balance of integrity and confidence must be displayed at all times throughout the simple steps towards problem solving. Simply step back and think for a moment. What is not only the best decision to make but also, what shows good character. How would you want yourself to react to the outcome of what ever decision you are making?

Confidently approach each decision made with a decisive and executive answer. A solution to a problem should be finally and result in the outcome to be decided. Once a problem is solved there should be no reason to revisit to decision made. That is unless the decision was not the right one, of course.

Problem Solving Made SImple

Question For The Day

How can you effectively get your point across and maintain confidence along with integrity? Are your decisions based on character or ego?

Ego has a funny way of getting in the mix when it comes to making decision. Try your best to not have a motion cushioned by the ego. This can result in a choice being made that is not for the greater good of humanity but the stabilization of oneself.

Maintain confidence and integrity so that when a problem is solved there is no saying, hindsight is 20/20. With a strong character comes effective problem solving and decision making.


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