Today’s Discussion: What Would You Wish For?

What Would You Wish For?

Imagine this, you are stumbling through an old closet. Old photos of you and your grandparents. We might even find a shoe 5 sizes too small from when day’s were nothing but a blink of the eye. That old journal you wrote in as a small child. But you come across a lamp. A lamp that would grant you three wishes. What would you wish for?

I see the mind as such a powerful tool that it can inherently change the entire outcome of your life. If you were to wish for something, does that not mean it is attainable then? When you use your mind as a tool rather than something that is just there a new understanding begins to develop. You see it’s like a computer that outputs calculations in a very uniform manner.

Let us discuss the future for example. Pick one thing that you want. Anything. Now, picture yourself with this possession or situation. I imagine you can feel it almost as if it is real. That feeling right there is the one that you use to keep going. That is the ambition that will be the oil to your engine when the gas feels as if it is running out. The fuel to keep the burning desire to succeed blazing.

Let me tell you that the mind and the power of you is no joking matter. I can almost assure you that if you want it and you get out there to try and get it. You will obtain anything you set your mind to. We’re all human and we all have the same capabilities at the end of the day. There is nothing stopping you from getting what you want, but you.

What Would You Wish For

Question For The Day

Where do you see yourself in five years? Can you picture the things that you want out of life in a sense to where you can almost see it as yours, now?

Trust the process in which you hand over your thoughts to. Being able to fine tune where you want to go is the first step into creating your dreams and making them become a reality. Everything we do starts with just a thought. A simple blip on the radar that we either choose to ignore or poke at. When you latch on to the blip, you can add the the gravitational pull.

Think of it this way. Your mind is like a fisherman out at sea using his radar to find the sweet spot. Where all the fish are so that he can have the big catch he’s been waiting for. Constantly staring at the GPS and the deep sea radar for any movement and mass gathering. Once he finds it, what does he do?He sit’s in the same spot for a while doing his best to catch all the fish in the area. That is your mind. When something works, sit on it for a while and improve it.


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