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“You see, the giver is someone who lives life for others. A hard but true lesson to the one who is constantly giving and never receiving is that sometimes you have to live life for yourself.

The heart is full of joy when we are able to give but will also drain when the energy is not just right. That is the story of Sarah.

Sarah was a mother of two and had always thought that she had to live life for her kids. Work for her kids and continually do things just for her kids. At the end of the day she was exhausted and unable to give her kids the right attention.

She was definitely living a well thought out life but was not able to tend to the different area’s in which she wished she could value. It’s as if you were to continue to pick the unripe fruit from a tree, just to eat. Never really giving the tree time to replenish itself.

That is when the thought had risen. If I live for today, I can provide a better tomorrow. With all due respect I love my children. I love them with all my heart but how can I give them the life they deserve if I am never in it?”

Live Life For Yourself

Live Life For Yourself

There are many reason for why we did what we do. I can tell you from my own personal experiences I have been known to run myself dry. Attempting to wrap up all the lose ends without giving it a rest. There may seem to be a selfish tone to today’s writing because of the words I use.

Living life for yourself is about being able to give when the time is right so that you may give 100-percent. Not in the prospect of being selfish and never giving. We must be selfish so that in return we can give. Consider the idea that if you are operating at 50-percent capacity, you are only giving 50-percent. Does it not seem like a better idea to be well rested?

Try taking responsibility for your actions while you can. Take the initiative of stepping back for a moment, to ground yourself. Be in tune with the world so that the world may be in tune with you.

Question For The Day

When it comes to living life for yourself, do you see the benefits of being able to give at the right time? Are there areas where you can improve so that you can be yourself, all the time?

Today take a moment to reflect on the world and it’s current state. While doing this try to see what you can do for yourself so that in return you can give back in a better way. Giving back for me, is a way of life. To have the balance in which giving back is done in the right manner. So that you do not hurt yourself, or others around you.

There is no selfish take on being able to moderate and balance the tune of life with a song that is written in perfect harmony.


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Written By: Will

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