Today’s Discussion: Sometimes, Less is More

Sometimes, Less is More

There are often times when we think we should be heard through our words when the actions in which we portray may be perceived in a much louder manner. Sometimes, less is more. With the discipline to sit back in listen, rather than speak we can start to form a moderate habit of allowing things to be just as they are. The mind has an interesting way in telling us that if we just speak maybe we can change the world around us.

Let us not get this confused. Each individual voice matters and can make a difference. Each moment we present ourselves with has a way of impacting the future. What reaction we give may tell a story worth a thousand words never spoken.

We love to be heard and being recognized for what we are doing. Give less thought to the outer worlds portrayal and more to how you actually feel about yourself. So long as you know that the right things are being done, what does it matter the reception you are getting? Words can often hurt more than they help.

Sometimes, Less is More

Question For The Day

Where can you speak less and give more through action? Are there times that you feel as if you are not heard?

Try to sit back and listen today because it is very possible that you will hear something that you’ve never heard before. When words are not being spoken the ears are constantly listening. I can not begin to describe the importance of hearing so that interpretation does not become misconstrued. Listening is truly a skill. To be heard you must also listen because your response will be well thought out.


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