Today’s Discussion: Regret Can Take You

Regret Can Take You

How often we forget that we must pay the consequences for our actions. The world that we live in today is easy, so easy that we look for reason’s to react. Tempted by the motion that we must make a difference in some soft of way. Regret can take you in these moments.

Acting before you think and even doing things that are out of character just to be heard. Screaming with a voice that has no reason or passion. Instead, focused on the seducing factor that you may get your five minutes of fame rather than a life time of change.

We are fully aware that there are many different injustices that the world operates on and they definitely need to change. That’s just a fact in any corner of the world that you venture into. With all due respect how will you approach the vision of change? Through anger and hate or one of love and passion.

Depending how you deliver a message, the interpreter may either become empathetic and join the team which will praise the cause. Or, the observation can be made to others which will cause chaos and harm. This creates a message that is unclear and uncertain. Bringing people into the circle that just don’t belong there.

Stop for a moment today and reflect on the meaning of life. Why are you here and what are you working for? When you enter a room, how do others perceive you?

Looking back on life there should never be regrets. Even when it boils down to the wrong decision being made there should always be a sense of comfort. Knowing that you did your best and that learning was a part of the process.

Regret Can Take You


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