Today’s Discussion: When Is An Action Justified?

When Is An Action Justified?

This question is rather hard to answer as we all have a different response to most situations. Action is something to be used to compliment what you are saying and how you want to be perceived. To counter anger with anger, does that justify the anger that was first portrayed? When is an action justified? When teaching a small child most responsible parents tell their children, “If you have nothing to say then do not say anything at all.”

Making sense of what message is being sent should remain the main goal when doing our best to take action. For example if I were to yell at my boss about the position I hold within a company, my boss’s response would be to either fire me or tell me to get back to work.

Now, let’s flip this scenario around. If I were to politely walk in and ask for time to speak with my boss in a controlled environment then we can work together to change the situation. Speaking on good terms and expressing the way in which we can work toward a common goal.

When Is An Action Justified

What Do We Do Now?

With that being said words do only go so far. When is it time to take things to the next level to act in a way which we can actually get the message across. I’m a firm believer in always remaining positive and being preventative towards taking a negative stance where there is a chaotic take on things.

A peaceful approach can only prove a point when it is being listened to and to summon the right people to listen what does it take? Applying a bit of force to being heard and being able to justify your actions require careful tactics where a volatile outcome may be avoided.

Unfortunately we can only assist the right outcome by placing the right tools in the right moment with extreme intentional precision. If you are to hold others accountable then we must also hold ourselves to a set of standards as well.

Question Of The Day

How do you justify your actions? What actions do you take so that your message is heard?

I do not have a direct answer to the questions I am proposing here but I can say that with the right attention we can create a positive outcome out of any situation that we are presented with. There is no all-in-one answer to the question here. What I do know is that if you want to be heard then the right actions must be taken.

Where there is a problem one must take it upon themselves to delegate the message in the right manner because more damage can be done. Rather than flailing your arms in outrage use your words. Opposed to creating conflict, deescalate the situation with speaking to the right people.

The more we work towards an objective goal the sooner we can move away from negativity. The journey that we are all on is to work hard towards the common goal. To live a product life where we can all be accepted and to live on our own terms.


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