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“On the road and unable to see the end when to feel at home and at ease is the ultimate goal. Being a truck driver isn’t easy and during these times it has been one of the hardest things Tom has had to deal with. His life was at one point easy, load up his truck and hit the road. He knew he was going to see his family in just a few short days.

All of the sudden that changed rapidly. He started sleeping in his cab, when he could sleep that is. Picking up load after load and never really stopping to take a breathe. People relied on him because he was delivering medical supplies to the local hospitals.

He knew that other’s lives depended on him and that was the main driver for his motivation to continue going forward. His dream was to help another without being noticed. Being the hand to reach in and lift someone from the dirt when there was no one left to ask.

At the risk of feeling at home and being with his family he unconditionally loved his job and the people he hadn’t even known. Saving lives and risking his own just so that comfort was part of everyone’s life, not his own.

Sacrifice is a big word when you look at it from the perspective of doing the greater good of man kind. That was Tom’s job. He wasn’t just a truck driver. He was a fighter in his own mind and a knight that selflessly gave over his own comfort in hopes that others would survive.”

To Feel At Home and At Ease

To Feel At Home and At Ease

It’s no mystery to use at all so remember sometimes you must make a sacrifice to keep the balance within life. Harmony is a hard thing to perceive when your intentions are on making the world a better place. You can easily get absorbed in everything that is going on around you which will result in losing touch with yourself. Comfort is something that is extremely hard to find yet feels so good when it is accomplished.

Taking a moment to breathe and be one with yourself rather than always constantly going without stopping. If you’re in the midst of moving forward then sometimes you have no option to stop. That is okay because moments a transition are monumental in the long run.

Taking a moment to sprint full force ahead while being able to take care of yourself is an extremely hard task to manage. I will tell you straight from the heart, it is very well possible. Start with managing your time and giving yourself periodic breaks. Don’t stop at any cost but always remember, breathe.

Comfort will come and it definitely will go. The feeling of being at home and at ease is a search that we are all constantly on. Absorb it when you have found and it never let it go. Be grateful when the chance presents itself to you.

Question For The Day

Where do you see yourself in the next year? What are some goals that you strive for that remove you from your element with the risk of never achieving them?

When reaching for the stars it can seem as if it is almost impossible to get there at times. Achieving goals definitely requires heart, ambition and a sense of accountability not all of us posses. Being able to give up the comfort of feeling content and having a sense of distress is somewhat mandatory when reaching for certain milestones.

Always go for your goals but if you need to step down to reflect, then do so. The goals are never going anywhere as long as you allow yourself to get back on the horse and to continue on riding. Nothing happens in a day. Oh, and things hardly ever happen within a month or even year. Sometimes you don’t know where you are headed when the true goal is to just feel at home and at ease.

We are on a life long journey to no where with the intention in mind that we will accomplish big things.


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Written By: Will

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