Today’s Discussion: No Reaction Is An Action

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“While the monk sits reflecting on the world he see’s the best answer within his mind. As a priest sits listening to the problems of others, his mouth is closed and his ears are open. Not every circumstance needs to be reacted upon. No reaction is an action at times.

How often it is observed a person to just walk away from a situation that is too overwhelming to understand. The wise decide the battles in which they voluntarily commit to fight.

Watching as the leader of a company say’s no words but listens to the propositions being put on the table. Having the ability to get a response without saying a word is the most gratifying example.

No Reaction Is An Action

No Reaction Is An Action

We pick and choose our battles, that is for sure. There’s not a time I can remember where a reaction has only brought more trouble to the table rather than help resolve a solution. With that being said, we all no sometimes we are better off not acting at all. The first impulsive thought is more often the wrong one compared to the thoughts that can come through the ladder of events.

Truth be told I have spoken much sooner than I ought to have. While speaking can move mountains it can also destroy an empire. Thinking thoroughly about you must say is a monumental task in each moment that presents itself willingly. Words are misused and misrepresented by the misinterpretation of the listener.

Even a subtle movement in the wrong direction can change the entire path of the life that you live. One split decision could potentially change your life forever. Now we understand why, sometimes you are better off doing nothing at all.

Question For The Day

What are some things that you can say, without actually saying it? Are there moments or situations you are going through where you are better off not reacting in any way?

We all go through things in life and also process them differently. I’ve heard many wise quotes that state that you are better off doing nothing at all rather than doing something. The way in which you carry yourself say much more about you rather than the words or actions you make.

If you are currently stuck in a situation that you do not approve of or are struggling with giving a response to something, have you ever considered doing nothing at all?


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