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“How often we lose those close to our hearts. Going through the motions of life, Art had an understanding of what death meant. Growing up he had lost his grandmother. That one was expected, she was sick and on her way down hill. Fast. Dealing with death has a way of being somewhat easy at times while difficult to process in others.

At a young age of 12 one of his best friends had drown in the river behind the house. The ice was thin and neither of the children quite understood that if you step on it, it will in fact break because ice does that. It breaks. Dealing with this process was much harder for him. Art grieved and cried to have Jim back thinking that if he cried hard and yelled and screamed he would some how make his way back home.

Again, at the ripe age of 18 the girl of his dreams had come down with cancer. She became severely ill almost instantly and passed peacefully in her bed holding his hand. This one was even harder for Art, unable to understand why God and the Universe were working against his happiness. Doing his best to stay strong he began to pray at night. Asking for forgiveness to what he may have done to deserve all of this.

Not much later did Art lose his mother. He was only 23 and let me tell you, this one really put him down in the dirt. Deep depression was the only option he had thought of at the time. Trying his best to remain positive but unfortunately slipped away in the dark grasp of hatred for the world.

Only after much reflection and evidence, Art finally worked through his process one day realizing, there was nothing he could do but continue to live.

Dealing With Death

Dealing With Death

Death is one of the hardest things in life to accept especially when you are not ready for it because of such a sudden action made in real life time. We all process death differently and have a complex idea of it. Many questions arise in the time of death. I can list a few or leave you to wonder of them yourself. The brain never stops when we think of death.

Dealing with death is one of the hardest process to work through without feeling at fault or even somewhat responsible for what has taken place. As humans we are very good at assuming responsibility for things that we have no direct control over. The brain has a tricky way of almost seducing us into a position where it is hard to get out of being held by the grasp of death himself.

Take the time if you are dealing with death to breathe. Think of all of the positivity that has come out of one life that is now gone. The good times will definitely out do the negative ones. Beings a strong pillar during times of struggle will help in the long run determine the entire existence of your own character. The one who has passed would rather see you smile rather than cry and go about the rest of your time in agony and pain.

Dealing with the may leave you with many questions unanswered and that is okay.

Question For The Day

How do you handle death and what is your process like? Are there things you can do to prepare yourself for death or is it something you must handle at that moment in time?

I don’t think we can necessarily prepare ourselves for any particular death but rather have a better understanding of it within itself. We can come to terms with a certain belief system that we have that can moderate the negativity that comes along with death. There can also even be a set of standards that we comply with when face with death because if we are blindsided by it, processing all of it at once can be extremely overwhelming.


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