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“Always wondering when the time is to start the new diet. Planning to get that job that was always considered to be the dream job. Putting aside the yard work that has sat on the back burner for weeks now. Gather the ambition and realize the time is now.

The duties that come with the territory of being the owner of a home and the tasks at hand for someone who wants nice things could be intimidating at times. For instance think about Henry. Henry owns his own establishment in the local town center.

It had taken him 10 years just to get the wheels spinning. But he had showed up each and every day to make sure the gears were oiled. Some days working on the ground keeping other’s taking care of the customers that had come through the door. Laying awake late at night paying the bills he knew were coming no matter what.

Nothing could stop Henry for he had a vision and it was something he would dedicate the rest of his life for. His purpose was found and he discovered something that he had an unconditional love for. It was to create the best local ice cream shop.

The time he had spent was matched by no other and he simply took on the responsibilities humbly, asking only that others come try the best ice cream around. If you haven’t heard of Henry then you have no idea what good ice cream is.

It all start with a dream and then the action to get it done now. Henry will go down in history as the guy with the best ice cream. All because he had woken up one day and decided the time to start is now.

The Time Is Now

The Time Is Now

Quit putting things off and wondering what it would be like if you had started today. Remember that no one ever got in life by doing nothing at all. Ambition and dedication are two key elements that produce something from nothing. We all have the ability to do what we want, when we want. You can choose to continue down the path you are on or to divert and create something new.

Find a reason for what you do and a heart felt passion. You see, the option is to either change something about your life or do nothing at all. The longer we decide to wait to do something, the chance of it not getting done at all becomes greater. Train yourself to do things as they come to your mind. There can be this funny ability that you have to put it off until later only realizing that later has come and gone.

There is a great quote by Abraham Lincoln that resonates with me each and every day it goes: “You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.”

Every time that I need a reminder that I should be doing something now, I say this to myself. It’s more of a mantra and healthy affirmation. What’s something you tell yourself?

Find a reason to keep going and take action now. Look for that motivation in your daily life to supply you with inspiration that no other can match. Figure out if there is that person in your life that gives you the drive. Or, is there a reason you can use to keep on going and not give up. Many people do things for those involved in their lives.

Question For The Day

What can you use in your daily life to give you motivation to keep on going? Are there reasons you can use to keep your drive and ambition up?

Being able to feel the reason to keep going is a beautiful feeling that we can not evade once it comes upon us. Having the inner drive to truly understand why we are going for what we are going for. Making the best possible scenario in which we must stick to. Not having to wonder why we are doing what we are doing. Create that perfect world that living in seems most suitable.

Happiness and success come along with a sound mind and heart.


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Written By: Will

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  • Great Post! Thanks for the encouragement. Many may not admit it, but we all need it from time to time. Sometimes you have to look difficulty right in the face and say “Not Today!” Come hades or high water I am going to see this thing through! The race is not given to the strong nor to the swift, but he that endures to the end. Blessings and Peace.

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