Today’s Discussion – How To Make Sense Of The World Around You

Today’s Story

“As a small child we begin to wonder about everything. Growing up picking apart the small objects we could get our hands around. Wondering how to make sense of the world around you and what it all actually meant.

Watching the movements of what is going on and why what is happening, is happening. Gazing at the stars in awe, seeking out the truth behind why we feel so small drifting away into the night. Admiring the height of each mountain that towers over the largest cities man has built.

Even the accomplishment of knowing that we have as a species made it to the moon and back. Some of you may be conspiracy theorist and not believe this but the idea that it is possible is fascinating alone. Having the calculation and dedication embedded within the fabric of our own being to come up with the impossible.

The fact that water continuously flows so long as the rain continues to flow without the force of a single hand. Species have the ability to prosper in environments not even the human race may inhabit.”

How To Make Sense Of The World Around You

How To Make Sense Of The World Around You

It might seem like a task that is not worth taking on. Let me tell you making sense of the world could be something that takes years to obtain. That’s completely fine as long as you are doing your best to understand what is going on around you.

The world has a funny way of making you believe everything you see, think you know everything you hear and convince you that everything you touch is tangible. Start with being an observer.

Observe the stars in the night sky, be curious to why you are here. Search for your personal purpose. Growth will begin to form and sense will be continually made. We are all unique individuals that are here for something we may not have yet discovered.

One of my favorite quotes is by Stephen Hawking:

“Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see, and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious.”

We all have our own interpretation of what we see with a curious sense of what it is suppose to mean. That’s okay, as we are all meant to understand things within our own terms. Not to say that facts are not facts but if you are learning your way in life then let it be.

Experiment with ideas that you have, try new hobbies. Get out for that hike you’ve been wishing to go on for weeks now. Join the gym that has been desperately calling your name. Change your diet in hopes of feeling better about yourself. Life is a constant motion of improvement and it’s up to you to wonder how it can be made even better.

Question For The Day

What does it mean to you when you take on a curious stance in life? Are you able to observe the world and get something new out of it every time?

It’s hard to grasp the concept because many of us have grown old and set in our ways. If you try to look at the world as if you were looking through the eyes of an infant there are endless possibilities presented to you each and everyday.

Happiness begins to be easier to obtain and so does the word success. Ambition is second nature when you’re constantly looking for something to become excited about. Life is all about the motivation that you can create for yourself. Building a bridge to retrain your mind and find inspiration to do things you maybe once had thought impossible.

Be like Stephen Hawking, a man who could not talk or walk. Have a dream worth living for and give it your best shot to succeed.

When life hands your lemons, make lemonade.


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