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“Out in the middle of the forest they speak of the waterfall that has water that never stops running. No matter what the temperature is and even if it has not rained for months. A fountain the locals refer to as the place where it had all began.

Whenever hope is lost you drink from the water and hope is what you find again. When the motivation to keep going seems to be drifting away the moist droplets satisfy the taste for success.

It’s like the flow of the water is just enough to satisfy the mind and put anxiety at ease. The sound of the pressure releasing from the mouth of the summit puts everything at a stand still even for just a moment.

Drink of this water and you will remember where you want to be. See the waterfall and it can possibly change your life forever.

The Water That Never Stops Running

The Water That Never Stops Running

Sometimes I think we tend to forget what we have to offer this world. It can be hard to keep yourself grounded and in tune with things with so much going on but that’s okay. Life has plenty to offer and when we go out looking for it we tend to realize it is right in front of us.

The universe has an over abundance of life that we can supply ourselves with to satisfy the happiness we all long for in the end. Find the source that feeds that hunger within you so that you can make the best for yourself at all times.

Question For The Day

What in your life creates life, inspiration and motivation? Where can you look to keep the drive to keep going?

Allow yourself time to understand that life in what it is suppose to be. Create each environment you wish to remain in and always do your best. When you feel as if there is nothing left, look for a reason to keep going.


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Written By: Will

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