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Today’s Story

“Though life is hard at times, there’s one thing we must all inherit. The ability to never look back but only learn from what has come out of each and every experience we have.

As a Zoologist Fred tends to observe the young, adolescent animals before even getting to the adults habits. His specialty was the notes he had on a wide variety of monkeys. That was his favorite animal to speculate about where he could truly put together the patterns in which the entire tribe had worked under.

You might be wondering why he had watched the young first. When he would watch the younger, reckless youth he could see when they had learned something valuable. For instance, one of the monkey’s he had named Shelly. He watched Shelly since she was just a baby.

She had learned to forage for her own food after understanding the she must climb to higher depths within the trees to get the best fruit. He had also seen her fall almost 30 feet by climbing carelessly through out the branches. Boy let me tell you something, she always looks at her feet now.

After a while Fred could look at the adult monkeys and then begin to understand why they were acting the way they already had. Animals are much smarter than we give them credit to be.

The monkeys had the ability to learn from their past and they had done it well. They had a memory retention that had the ability to recall mistakes and mishaps. But here is the best part: they continued to live and grow.

Never Look Back

Never Look Back

We have the ability to grow and live each and everyday. The hardest part of the process is while we’re working towards goals and we bump our head on the way. One thing I noticed that most people do is give up almost immediately when they are feeling challenged in some form or another. Looking back on prior mistakes or even thinking that they’re just not good enough at all.

How about we digest what’s actually going on. When you are faced with something that is trivial in life, the universe would never hand you something that you can not handle. Now that that is out of the way let’s move forward and see things for what they are.

A mistake is a mistake when you learn from it and continue onward. A challenge is only considered a success after the challenge is complete. Wisdom is only gained after a true understanding of what is being presented is fully understood. I can continue this list forever but let me not bore you.

Never look back on things in life with your head down or with a sense of shame. Everything that presents itself to us is suppose to be used as a form on insight. We have the choice to look back and learn. We have the choice to learn and then never look back.

When you get stuck in the cynical spot where it’s hard to see the light just remember. Yes you can, keep going.

Question For The Day

What are something that you look back upon in life and can not seem to get over? What will help you digest these things?

We all go through the wringer at some point in life and even possibly make choices we wish we’d never had. That’s completely fine as long as you live within the merit that you can learn from those choices. Keep a hold of what is important to you and always learn from the things that you go through.


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