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The Watch

Today Chris discusses the value and appreciation of ones self. The watch is a story that can change your life, if you just listen. Just because one place doesn’t see your true value doesn’t mean that another place will. Its about knowing your true self and surrounding yourself with the people who will help you grow and prosper. You have what it takes to succeed if only you are in the right place too. So today check where you are at. Are you in the right environment to grow. Just like flower trying to grow in winter its impossible until you put a green house around it then it will grow.

Your form and true value is determined by the people around you. When you know your worth and surround yourself by the people who see your true potential, you begin to realize that you are worth more. Appreciation is not something that will be given freely even when you are doing your best. If one thing is not working maybe you should try something else.

Sometimes you may not even see your true potential until you are put in an environment that you can thrive within. Never allow anyone to push you down and make you feel as if you do not fit in. As always do your best and stay true to yourself.

The Watch

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Written By: Chris

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