Life has a way of delivering one thing at a time. Sometimes knowledge sets in and we know what is going on through the prospective of logic. Other times through observation we can make sense of the mysteries of life. Question's without answer's are the beginning to growth.

Today’s Story

“A city in the midst of the sea, erected out of perfection and well-being. Full of a people whose main purpose was to sustain life and live in harmony. Sound’s a little like Atlantis, no? Well there had been another city on the outskirts of the main land which they had never seen. In this city, we’ll call Mesopotamia, there had been a well established community. Known for their capability of succeeding in building the most logical constructions in sight. The two leaders of these lands had met while scaling the sea. Connecting two foreign lands to make a great one was within their vision.

The Atlantians had loved their wisdom, scaling all meaning to life and wondering what could be if they applied themselves to the cause. Discovering the meaning of life and what happens when we die. Looking at the world through the lens of an infant at all times, observing for the why in all things.

On the other hand, the Mesopotamians had a different stand point. They were more of the architectural type. Let me analyze what we know and elaborate, build upon. Let’s figure out what we already know and make it better! Use the knowledge in which they had to create a world that was easy to live in. Which they had done a fascinating job at when you seen the marvels of their cities.

So to make a long story short the Mesopotamians had built a bridge between their home Mesopotamia and Atlantis. Creating a pathway conjoining both societies forever. With that, the mixture of thinking and processing had settled in. After many years what we know as modern thinking were formed. Creating a new way of thinking.

A group of individuals had gotten together and elaborated on both people’s. They had called themselves the Excualites. The land in which they had build was well thought-out and of the minimalist sort. Where you could observe the world yet make sense of it. Viewing the ease in which we can all live yet also prospering and moving forward.

And this my friend is the bridge between knowledge and wisdom.

Connecting Two Foreign Lands

Connecting Two Foreign Lands

Life has a way of delivering one thing at a time. Sometimes knowledge sets in and we know what is going on through the prospective of logic. Other times through observation we can make sense of the mysteries of life. Question’s without answer’s are the beginning to growth.

In my opinion, I don’t think there are any such thing’s as a right or wrong answer. Only the introspect of understanding what type of person you are. Do you need to know why, or how? In which way do you look at the world and how can you gather answers that make sense, to you?

There is always a way to have a healthy balance between knowledge and wisdom. Just because we know does not necessary make us an expert by any means but also, in the case that we observe does not mean that we actually see. The wonder’s of life come in all sort’s of shapes, sizes and messages. Without the complex world we live in things would be far to simple. Having the ability to build two foreign land’s in the mind to see the world with two set’s of shoes is a wonder and can help attain characteristics thought of.

You can become a leader. The ability to succeed start’s to take force and truly forms through the hardship of taking each facet of life as a way of living. If you do not wish to lead then you can also take the tune of a guide. Organize the method in which the process begins while also seeing it through to the end. The ability to harness a true place within the world and understand who you are as a person. That’s the point of life, is it not?

Question For The Day

What bridge can you build today in order to have a better understanding of not only yourself but the world around you? Are you drawn more to knowledge or wisdom?

Each role plays a huge part in the advancement of not only self but society as well. We all have a specific role in which we were designed to do. We’re like a huge team playing to reach the end goal and win the game of life. For me the ultimate goal is true happiness and having the ability to live comfortably. I’ve tried my best over the years to build a bridge between myself and the world around me. Connecting two foreign lands that live within myself. You see, I’m a hard person to understand at first. The work that has been done to just portray my meaning and self to the world has been a journey within itself. Discovering the true meaning of where I actually stand in the society that we live in.

Once you find your place in the world you can begin to live a productive life. Finding meaning to your existence is the most beautiful thing you can ever posses.


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Written By: Will

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