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“Looking at the ground demanding to find a way out. Determined to make a reason when there is nothing but doubt. Troubling circumstances seem to be around every corner. Unprepared for the trials through-out so there seems to be no rhythm to the reason. Uncertainty is the only answer which presents itself clearly. The shoe’s that are filled seem to have no character. A dark silhouette bare of color and full of depression. There is a way out: define the way you walk.

Looking up to a better future with a smile upon a blank expression. Troubling situations start to be second nature in handling. The thought process forms before a problem arises. Rational thinking take form with a splash of logic. Shoulders back and head pointed forward; ready to take on anything. Presentation is key and confidence the lock. With a flick of the wrist the door opens that may determine the rest of your life. Being able to have control over how you define the way you walk is a blessing and a curse.

To stand with confidence and integrity able to handle life’s challenges. Unspoken but sure that anything is possible with the right mind set. Character has been unsheathed from the holster of knowing everything has a purpose. Take into account with the way in which you carry yourself throughout the world. There is every reason to smile as you wake up today.

Define the way you walk

Define The Way You Walk

Character starts with filling the shoes of who you want to be. The way in which you present yourself to the world is how you will be perceived. No, the outside world’s opinion does not matter but to put a paradox in place, it means everything in what everyone else thinks. Be who you want to see and look up to. Define the characteristics in which you value in others and portray them within yourself. Undermine the cloak that covers who you are suppose to be. It all starts with the way in which you walk.

Head up, shoulders back with the discipline of the General. Able to observe all that comes his way with no reason to look any other way. Alert enough to capture opportunity and success. Keep to the awareness that how you enter a room with dictate how the reaction is given.

In no way should you ever falter because a moment of distress. Gather the hardship of life and allow it to build your character into an even stronger foundation. You are who you decide to be no one can make that decision for you. Speak to yourself with assurance and affirmation allowing the affection of the inner-soul to come out. Your soul will speak to you gently because the power it obtains is of an unworldly being. Confidence comes from within not without. Determination is harvested through the hearts desire of drive. Discipline is the ability the mind has over direction of the body. Create the environment in which you wish to succeed.

Question For The Day

What defines you as the character you portray? How do you determine the way in which you present yourself to the outer world?

Have the courage to display the best version of yourself. Be everything you wish and then more. Life has a funny way of knocking you down at the most monumental moments. Let the determination of your character decide your fate and not the forces attempting to push you over. Calm, cool and collective being able to recognize each moment has a tale in itself.


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