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Today’s Story

“As the old story goes, to become the person in which you wish to be you must first surround yourself with like-minded individuals.

A long time ago there was but a series of unfortunate events. First, the house caught on fire and we had all lost our jobs. That’s okay because we still had somewhere to sleep and a savings account to dip into so that we hadn’t entirely sunk under. But, the leader of temptation had taken us into the depth’s of hell.

There awaited the old sound which had not been heard for what had seemed an eternity. Just go back to how it used to be it’ll be okay. The second series of events had come. The house was gone and now the family too. The familiar sound which was not mistaken. Down the dark alley way of the past it had come. We were back at the bottom of the pit becoming so content with the comfort of not moving at all. Everything slipping away for what sense had it made at all. Tirelessly attempting to climb back to the top. Then the saving hand of the God’s themselves had reached down.

“Grab a hold of my hand and let me guide you towards the light. I can help you, just listen to me speak.”

Surround Yourself With Like-Minded Individuals

Surround Yourself With Like-Minded Individuals

It can be so easy to lose sight of the prize. Without the comfort of those who seem to have the same goals in mind it can be a struggle to understand the capabilities of you’re own doing. To surround yourself with people who have the same sense of character and drive can be a savior in the darkest of times. Without the help from others there is no milestone to set, no comparison to make.

To build a character worth sustaining you must essentially place together what you see fit as the individual precepts you’d like to take on. If you are continuously around people who are happy, then you will inevitably become happy. The same could be said for being around others who like to succeed. The success of others is contagious in the respect that it will help motivate another’s life. Having those people help create the character you wish to build is a force to not be reckoned with.

The inner-circle in which you posses will determine how the outside world perceives your inner workings. I know you’d all heard it before,”Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are.” My grandfather used to tell me this all the time. Make sure you have the due diligence to keep those with no ill-intent around while disregarding those who truly do not care.

Question For The Day

Are you able to see those around you for the prize in which they present? Do you need to make some modifications to the situations that could be potentially toxic?

Be careful to not overwhelm yourself with toxicity. It rubs off and can be extremely hard to remove completely. Modify life as it comes so that you may remain the best version of yourself. What you give is what you get in this game we call life. The adventure awaits and building character will be one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do but when you reach the end of the tunnel it will be worth the fight.

Those you have around you at the end of the day after a long fight are the ones you should consider capable of being involved in your life.


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Written By: Will

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