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“Practice make’s perfect, they say. With much dedication the scientist is looking to study all sciences. The master of all is what he want’s to be. Trying to figure out the complexities of the brain, body and world all at once. Fumbled and unorganized all of the research ends up in a pile with no sense at all. A little bit of this and a little bit of that is added to the bank of knowledge but no wisdom is gained. “Work on one thing at a time or you will learn nothing at all.” A colleague suggests.

You see, the scientist had been stir crazy at solving the entire worlds problem with one stroke of the pen. With the same token he had lost all his character in the mix. Acting as if he had already figured it all out. A person no one suggested to be around because he had already had all of the answers. There is no one size fits all answer to life’s complicated problems.

The brain power of character and dedication started to make sense over a sleepless night. Upon the sun shining the scientist had awoke to a new idea, “Let me narrow in on a simple problem and understand how to fix it.”

As he slowed down his drive and ambition to be a student he finally understood the meaning to really gaining wisdom. He sat down at his desk and wrote down:

The beginning to building character starts with the realization that I know nothing at all.”

Work On One Thing At A Time

Work On One Thing At A Time

It’s understood that character is hard to build. We can just start working on all angles of life and perfect them as we move along, right? I question that theory and almost object to it. Character is something that is chiseled out throughout the effort of perfecting each skill individually. Personal skill, emotional skill, spiritual skill and the list can go on and on. How can we master all of these delicate art without fully paying attention to them one at a time. There is a required dedication and precision to truly becoming a master in each and every area of life. Sometimes there is never an ending to learning from experience.

While we can add different ingredients to the cauldron and call it done, should we not start with a fine piece of stone and craft a work of art that has no flaw? With the ability to tend to each crevice as it’s own entity which will eventually mold a sculpture that is solid to the strike of a hammer.

To build solid character one must find the solidity in every adventure they take.

Question For The Day

Are you able to list your strong points and work on the weak ones, one at a time? Is there a right time and place to work on certain characteristics to develop them into strong ones?

Character takes year to build. Nothing happens overnight and if that is the expectation progress will never be made. Make a list of your strong points and let them be for this very moment. Allow yourself to process and digest your weaker points. With the right awareness your character can slowly mold into a more powerful form.

Character takes the shape of the effort you put forward. Slowly chisel away at a blank slate to form a beautiful work of art.


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Written By: Will

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