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Take Responsibility For Yourself

Today’s Story

“Each moment awake is an opportunity to keep track of what is being done. The essential practice and training required to taking responsibility work so simply. The first step: Take responsibility for yourself.

“To wake up and create a routine which works best is a good direction to head in.” A voice whisper’s into the ear of the boy who feels lost in a world of chaos. Not quite understanding where to start to lead a successful life. Confusion settles in the older he gets. At times unable to decipher the meaning to which he was put her.

“With age comes to task of holding yourself accountable.” He say’s to himself while looking in the mirror. As tough as it has been taking on more responsibilities as time goes on.

Things aren’t quite right and mistakes are being made each and every day. “This is my fault.” say’s the man, who was once just a boy.

The enlightenment arrived almost immediately. Taking a hold of what was one a boy and turned him into a man.

Take Responsibility For Yourself

Taking Responsibility For Yourself

It may seem almost easy to think you must take control and responsibility for your own actions and thoughts. Secondary to nature at that. If you dig deeper into the mind a lack of awareness to what is actually under our own control gives a misleading representation. With the right reflection, “Why me?” can turn into “Next time I will.”

As we walk through life and learn gain knowledge under different lights and observations we can start to assume we are always in room for improvement. Take the lead and action required to assume the position of being truly responsible. With effort and sincerity work can always be done to improve the person. Most of the time our interactions become sour not by another’s doing but because of our own faults.

Listen, things will go wrong we’ve learned that from Murphy’s Law which makes complete sense. “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”. With the right approach this isn’t a pessimistic statement but rather a positive one. Interpret it as, “If I assume responsibility for the future, I will be prepared to take on what is to come”.

Question For The Day

Are you able to assume responsibility for your own actions and doing? Can you understand that you will make mistakes but to build character you must learn from them?

We are the creator’s of our own destiny. We decide what we do and how we do it without the control of others. The right attendance and guidance of self is required to observe the world and then to act accordingly. Understanding that mistakes will happen gets you ready to learn from the exact mistakes. Take in what you do and hold yourself accountable to that. Set the bar higher when you fall and trip. When you set the mind to something I suggest you will be highly surprised with the results with the right drive and ambition.

Character take’s years to build and a moment to break. Keeping the mind strong and the will to go within the forefront of the mind is key. Never stop doing what is right and karma will do it’s job to deliver back.

With the right mindset and build of character anything is possible. It takes years to become the person you strive to be. Instant gratification is just a myth, unattainable.


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Written By: Will


  • Will thanks for that timely post. A lady and I were just talking about that last week. We both agreed that lately it feels like we are living in The Age of Unaccountability. But until you can stand in your paint and be responsible for your actions—-then and only then can you learn from those mistakes. You are soooo right. Blessings and Peace.


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