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The Code Of Honor

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“As two worlds collide and the awareness that the end is near, the great druid approaches the center of the battle field. The Code of Honor which is respected by all men. Wisdom speaks,

Put your swords away men, for you will wish that this battle had never taken place before the end. Come together and discuss what must be done. Your neighbor is your friend, family at that. The harm you conspire to create soon shall pass, when you get to know whom you have hatred for. There is no reason fighting must take place over the chaos of one kingdom.”

Silence is heard through-out the battlefield. Not sure what to do next the all inspiring Guru stands in place. Hands in the air as a peace treaty not for one but for all. Honor for the one who speaks truth and nothing more. The air is thick with confusing and discomfort. The wise looks up from the ground in which he was staring upon,

“What have we been gathered here for? Are you really ready to die as men?! Gather your belongings and move on with your daily lives. Destruction has one objective: to destroy. Think for a moment about who you are here for and how your families must feel. Be aware of the air that you are breathing for it will be long gone before you know it. Go home and enjoy the company of those that truly love you.”

The white robed man turns and exits the battlefield. In awe wondering how he had even gotten there. Swords were put away and the anger dissipates. Each side of the warmongers turns and returns home.

The enlightenment of the wise has spoken to all. If you listen it is there.

The Code of Honor

The Code of Honor

Being aware of where life steers you wrong is the beginning to a new life style. Wisdom breathes fresh air each and every moment of the day. The moral standards in which we operate under determines a lot about the shoe’s you fill. I can propose questions or help you understand. Where you feel right, may affect those around you. The battles in which you fight may be wrong to those who love you. Each toxic movement can have a direct impact on the world around you.

To stand up strong and fight for what is right has meaning beyond value. The Code of Honor is a way to establish a solid foundation. Be aware. May I suggest:

  • Take into account those around you.
  • Think of the situation that you are creating before it is too late.
  • Stand strong for what you believe in.
  • Do not fault in the face of evil.
  • Create a better world for each human to live in, instead of worrying about yourself.

The strong code of conduct great men operate under can go unseen for many years. The strong will always prevail. The greatness of the leading women and men of the world is a power that has many underlying factors built in. Well equip to use the structure of life to their benefit to help all, to help others. Greatness does not come with material but rather what you leave behind when all is gone. The energy you bring forth. Each positive vibe you’ve helped harness and create. The smiles upon the faces of those you barely know. Life changing events that are a direct result of the goodness of the heart.

Question Of The Day

What will you be remembered for after you are gone? What impression are you leaving behind to others that must follow through your footsteps?

Try to remember that when you are gone the world lives on so that other’s may enjoy what is here. Each of the individual impressions that are made can last a life time because it is engraved within the exact fabric of time. The world has a keen sense for who is with it and against it so remember to leave behind an essence that can be valued. You will be able to determine the person you are remembered as but will it be of a great soul or one who has caused negativity?

The Code of Honor will test your being at the core value if you allow life to test you with it’s pressure and force. The embodied version of yourself may be able to have an effect on the movement of life itself.

A great man once told me, “Choose the life you live but choose it wisely. You only get one chance to make a first impression that will last a lifetime.”

Stand with virtue and honor so that others may be inspired. Help create an environment in which we are all proud to be a part of. Harness the energy of the heart and love all that are here. Be the light at the end of the tunnel.


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Written By: Will

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