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Everything Will Be Okay

Today’s Story

“Look around you. There is a reason you are sitting wherever you may currently be. Everything will be okay. The exact position in which we are all in is the ground we were meant to stand on. When chaos prevails sit back and watch. Being an observant will teach skills other wise thought to be unattainable. All things have a reason which will be seen at the end of the day. A moment is just that, a moment.

The world is still revolving around on the axis it has always had. The sun still shines at the beginning of each day. With the stars showing their face before the comfort of sleep approaches. The rain will come and go as it is expected. Humanity must come together and help each other in time’s of darkness.”

Everything Will Be Okay

Everything Will Be Okay

At times like this we must all remember, it will be okay. There is no reason short of why what happens when it does happen. The stone’s fall into place for a reason just where they’re suppose to lay. The mysteries of the world have a reason for their proposal’s at any given moment. When faith is kept in the heart and time is allowed to move forward, it will soon sort itself out. No reason should we be distancing ourselves from each other but rather coming together with the awareness that the next may need another.

The purpose of prospering in life comes in the form of unity and understanding. With the awareness of the world around you, things start to form the picture which has always been there. Everything will be okay when you make sense of it to be exactly what it is.

Question For The Day

What are you doing to make sure that everything will be okay? Are there things that you must put yourself through as a test to your own nature?

Sometimes life proposes a test in which everything you posses will be put to the test. You endurance, awareness, knowledge, patience and the list can go on and on. The nature in which we live in will determine the reaction we have to the world around us. Remember to exist as yourself in relief to others.

In a time of resistance the mind can assist in being aware of the meaning behind the story. Be aware of what is happening so your response is on point and not pushed aside.


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Written By: Will


  • Awesome word. You be surprised what you can be thankful for when you sitting in a place of thought. Be and stay blessed.

    • Hey Pastor,

      Sorry I’ve been busy haven’t been able to reply to all comments. I surprise myself all the time when I allow a moment to pass without wanting to do more. I’m good for pushing myself to the limits and then entirely rushing life’s process. Being still and allowing life to play out is a virtue often forgotten.

      Have an awesome day!

      • I know the feeling. Try editing 2 books, trying to finish a third and doing a weekly website. Now I understand what Jesus meant when He said, ‘In your patience possess ye your souls.” In order for us to be super creative it streams from our souls that oftentimes need restful peace. Have a great weekend. Blessings and peace.

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