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The Art Of Understanding

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“The scholar is analyzing the picture for features beyond the eye. The art of understanding begins with the visual aspect of seeing but dives much deeper into perception. In the center of the portrayal there is but a woman sitting on a rock. With further investigation the investigator starts to understand with the imagination. Nature is her place at home. The comfort of the forest embodies the soul. The water captivates the tranquility of the environment. While what the earth brings are many forms of life coming together as one. With a firm hold of meditation being the center of focus now. The beauty that slows time down, away from society. Looking for a deeper meaning of just the cover we all see.

The Art Of Understanding

The Art Of Understanding

With practice, patience and the ability to learn; understanding can become part of daily life. Being full aware that each moment has a detail of it’s own. There is a subtle meaning behind each face. To investigate things beyond what is just there begins an adventure into a world of philosophy. With observation we can begin to learn that there is a message embodied which not all can see.

Take a moment to just breathe. Take in what is around you and truly understand where you are. The path’s offered throughout life required deep understanding if you wish to approach them confidently.

We are the master of our own journey. Make the best of it. With the power of understanding other processes begin to become second nature. Decision making, choice, the ability to see things for what they are. The keen awareness that not all is what it is made out to be. Take the required time to make life what it was meant to be. With the delicate hand of understanding things start to make sense. Wisdom begins to form where ignorance once resided. Happiness moves forward where arrogance once ended.

The art of understanding becomes a skill to investigate what is right for you. Looking into the world being able to find yourself within it is key to happiness and success.

Question For The Day

Are you able to understand the deeper meaning of things beyond what you see? Are you able to decipher the context of the visual world around you?

Having a sense of awareness beyond just seeing requires a mental note of observation. The prominence behind actually understanding something is a place of serenity. Nirvana is reached when things make sense. Nothing in this world may truly be taken at face value for if it is you may be fooled. With every experience there is more to understand. Knowledge, wisdom and understanding all work hand in hand to make the trials of life much easier. The inner workings of the universe are comforting once it starts to make sense, “You are here to be a student to yourself. To succeed your goals and ambitions. Striving for what you wish to achieve.”


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Written By: Will

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