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“The daily venture begins and the front door closes. On the way to work we realize the leaves upon the tree which was once bare begins to wear fresh buds. Going through out the day the pen that we use everyday some how managed to go missing. The sadness upon a coworkers face is displayed openly. Our first attempt to comfort those around us. “It’s going to be okay.” Is said with affirmation. The sudden change within the environment is clear and happiness arises through our own words. To observe the world around you is a blessing in disguise so much as it can be a curse. The ability to change the world lay within your own hands if you assume responsibility.

Observe The World Around You

Observe The World Around You

Our innate ability to observe the world lay within each and every one of us. The key is to be aware of your environment so that you may tend to it with precision. A simple gesture can change the entire course of someone else’s life along with your own. How is it that with just one sentence we can change the entire social construct of a conservation and another human beings course? The world is constantly sending messages out through vibrations and sensations. There is a continuum that is ever evolving through each moment we experience. With the right attention anything is possible given the chance.

While watching the world and being an observer rather than a participant you have the ability to step in and help when need be. A learned skill of listening comes in hand. Not only can you listen to someones voice or the sound of the world but, you can listen emotionally, intelligently or even spiritually to the objects around. A simple piece of quarts sends out a sensation not felt through other minerals. The warmth of the sun on the face is a signal of happiness and living. The cold chill of the wind is a rude reminder of our ability to feel.

Question For The Day

How is your perception of the world around you? Are you able to determine things without saying anything but rather feeling it emotionally or spiritually?

Not all situations require a response. Not a vocal one at least. In my experience sometimes someone just needs a shoulder to cry on or an ear to grab. With the right attendance we can offer the best version of ourselves to others without impeding on their being. The key is having the awareness to approach a situation with the right mindset.

Understand that every situation requires a different input so to determine the output. We directly contribute to the outer world as much as it contributes to ourselves.


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Written By: Will

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