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Age is just a number; Wisdom is not. Long day’s and nights. Growth beyond a doubt while the sun rises and sets each and every day. Rivers run dry and continue to refill with fresh streams. Waking up each day to look in the mirror realizing that time does not stop. The harsh reality of it is that, time does not stop for any one of us. The caverns of age are etched upon the face as knowledge is gained and time is lost. The wisdom of grey hair apparent with the voice that will be listened to with dignity. The mirror is your friend which can remind the beholder that awareness of time creates and urgency to learn.”

The Mirror Is Your Friend

The Mirror Is Your Friend

To look yourself in the eye is only the beginning of the journey into awareness. Before you are aware of the world around you there must be a sense of self-awareness. Take into account the unique nature in which you carry yourself. We are not all the same for a reason. Each individual of the world has something different too offer to one another. The realization that a mirror brings about a sense of reality like no other. To see the age in which your face has grown over time is an indicator of what you have gained through your time here. As time passes by we have the opportunity to use it wisely or throw it out the window.

In my opinion, the first step into a world where you are aware requires attention to self. As busy as things are around us it is so within. Understanding the complexity of self helps with the deciphering of the diversity throughout. To be aware of what you are looking at can cause a relation between the mind, body and spirit all at once. Not only is it healthy to understand who you are but it can also offer a sense of guidance. Complete your circle of nature by creating who you are first.

Question For The Day

Are you aware of who you truly are? With that knowledge are you able to portray yourself thoroughly to the world as to understand it?

Each step of the way, life calls for an intense amount of attention. Your mind is a creature in which it actually lives and exist. Tend to the mind by reminding it that you are you. Analyze your actions throughout life and begin to take in what it all means. What does your sense of drive indicate? Where do your ambitions lie?

Gain the knowledge to understand who you are so that you can offer the world the best version of yourself. There is no pressure in life when you are in the moment that you are suppose to be in. Live with assurance and not discouragement. We are all broken yet know how to fix ourselves so long as we put our mind to it.


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Written By: Will

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