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Today’s Story

“The small child places their hand upon the hot burner. “Ouch!” was yelped as far as the ear could hear. With uncertainty the hand is now burnt and a question to what had just happened arises. You see, this child has never experienced heat at this level before and has no idea where it comes from. The next morning the child walks over to the range again. Hesitantly looking at the same burner, face to face. Instead of placing the hand upon the burner again, the child turns and runs! What happens next may amaze you. The youngin’ slips and falls on the kitchen floor! “Ouch!” yelps the child for the second time. The had been water on the floor. Which was the lesser of two evil’s?”

The Lesser Of Two Evil's

The Lesser Of Two Evil’s

Life has a funny way of testing your limits and dedication. When you approach each circumstance in life it must be observed as a learning experience. There is no right or wrong way to do any given task. You may burn your hand once or even twice. The fact of the matter is to understand eventually what is going on. Just because you no longer burn your hand does not mean you will not struggle with more. Once you learn not to burn your hand life will hand you other challenges.

When we grow, we often are presented with more. The universe has an interesting way of making life present itself full force when you least expect it. To move towards success you must learn to mitigate throughout life while picking the lesser of two evils. There may not be a “right” choice at this given moment.

Question For The Day

Are you able to decipher the mysteries of life so that you can choose the better way? Are you able to learn from your mistakes today so not to make them tomorrow?

Keep putting your hand upon the burner and it is equivalent to running in place. As the young child may do it six or seven times, will you? Each decision made should be considered a chance to gain knowledge.

Each choice you make today will certainly effect tomorrow. As long as you learn from your journey; success is being made.


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Written By: Will


  • To avoid a child burning their hand first you must teach them it is hot by holding their hand above the heat so they can feel it. The heat is usually quite high so no need to put their hand to test it. The water on the floor careless.

    • There is a hidden message behind the story. Good to see you around again I haven’t heard from you in a while, how are you?

      Have an awesome day!


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