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“I woke up on time today.” Was the first line written in the journal. So plain and simple. How small this accomplishment may seem yet what it may lead to. The next page say’s, “I woke up on time today and made breakfast, for the very first time.” Small accomplishments are documented each and every day.

Does this seem like it may not be enough? As the day’s move forward and the pages turn, more and more is being written.

“I woke up on time today made some breakfast and got a meeting with the successor of the biggest company in the area.”

The pages are turned. We’re a hundred day’s into the writings and there is a simple line.

I got my dream job and I am going for more.

Small Accomplishments

Small Accomplishments = Big Wins

No matter how small the task is at hand, if it is accomplished you have won. Each and every victory that is added to the timeline of life is another win. The time it takes to slowly add to the pile of wins if large if you look at it through the larger lens. Everything we do in life takes time and without time nothing will be overtaken.

When you first start the journey towards success it may seem like an up hill battle until you have finally gotten to where you want to be. The thing about success is that you must keep on going to get more.

Question For The Day

Do you look at your small accomplishments as wins? Are you able to realize that each and every step you take in the right direction is the “right” way?

When it comes to winning, one win is a win. There is no size to big or too small to consider what is done as important or not.

Look back on life and think about all the great things that have been done. Consider it enough and more you will gain. Never look down upon yourself.


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Written By: Will


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  • Will your posts are so timely and in sync with the word of God. For who hath despised – In the work of God, the day of small things is not to be despised. God often chuses weak instruments, to bring about mighty things: and tho’ the beginnings be small, he can make the latter end greatly to increase. For – Tho’ they undervalued the meanness of the second temple, yet when finished, they shall rejoice in it. The plummet – The perpendicular with which Zerubbabel shall try the finished work. With those seven – In subordination to the Divine Providence expressed by the seven eyes, which were on that stone. And those that have the plummet in their hand, must look up to these eyes of the Lord, must have a constant regard to the Divine Providence, and as in dependence upon its conduct, and submission to its disposals. Blessings and Peace.

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