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“Training day in and day out, the fighter is finally willing to take it to the next level. Confident in the skill’s acquired over the past year through training a fight is in order to test the limits. Looking for the right opponent to gauge the success of each session that the give it your all mind-set was taken on. Ready to apply all that had been gained in preparation so that the affirmation could be made that it was all worth it. Day in and day out with sleepless nights and long days. The time spent to know exactly what will come when entering the ring for the very first time. Taking out the rival is all that is necessary to complete the satisfaction of knowing the hours upon hours of being coached were worth it.

Hearing the bell ring as the fight kicks off the eager fighter goes into beast mode. Hyper focused on the incentive where muscle memory takes over and the vision dims. Re-awakening at the sound of the referee yelling, “WE HAVE A WINNER!”

Give It Your All

Give It Your All

When it boils down to it, giving it your all is priority on a daily basis in my personal opinion. We must approach each day as if it were to be our last in the respect that we have to take it to the next level each chance we get. Your performance is required to be top notch each and every step of the way. While there will be day’s that you are off, you should be on more than off.

The experiences we have during our daily live’s are moments of training and preparation to what could be and what will be. It’s tough to realize that when we fall, it is a learning experience so that we may grow. The toddler who gets back up after falling off their bike begins to ride their bike on their own sooner than later. That’s the outlook we must have in life because it will determine how far we actually can go.

To give it your all may require some suffering and pain but that will prove to pay off when you are put to the test. It’s all about not letting life get to you in means of progress. Progress requires your past to make sense. The moment realization comes to terms with your sense of now. Without the drive to act now with what you’ve learned there is no reason to have the determination to become better.

Question For The Day

Do you prepare for what is to come next? Are you able to decide to use what you’ve learned throughout life in the moment when needed?

Performance relies heavily on the preparation. When you get up everyday to start your day does that particular moment feel familiar? Each day we navigate should be pieced together like a puzzle. Taking each piece from prior experience we develop the entire picture. Don’t forget what you’ve learned so that walking backwards is not an option. Most of what Team Tangible tried to get across is the simple concept of learning from your mistakes.

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Written By: Will



  • This is such an important point. It is really important to be ready for any fight that might come our way, even the emotional ones.

    We should be prepared.

    Great post , great story, and very applicable in real life.

    Beautifully written also.

    • Thank you for such great compliments. I feel that we should all be ready.Life is all about training and becoming a better person each and every day, with that comes better responses to the world around you. Have an awesome day!


  • Great post, awesome story. Sometimes I think you are reading my mind. I recently did a post and in it wrote “You’ve got to take what you got to get what it takes.” In so doing you are giving it you all and preparing for whatever comes your way. As always, this is a great life’s lesson. Thanks. Blessings.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. Hey maybe we knew each other in a past life? Ha ha. I’m a firm believer in giving everything your best and with that you will get what you deserve. Have an awesome day!



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